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25 May 2018 3 comments

Visiting National Trust gardens (or ones to that effect) is one of F and I's favourite pastimes, and I had a couple of scenes I wanted to tick off my list this year.

Grey's Court, Oxfordshire, is a gorgeous little country house, set amongst rolling hills, with pretty walled gardens, and is thankfully really close to us! I've been several times before but I really wanted to visit this year when a) the cherry blossom and b) the 130+ year old wisteria were in full bloom.

I forget how exciting May is for flora. Chelsea Flower show, peonies, the waning bursts of cherry blossom, the start of roses, and of course, wisteria hysteria.

We made the time to go to Grey's Court the other day, just in time to catch it looking at it's most majestic. What's extra magical about the wisteria here is that it's draped beautifully over a large wooden structure that you can walk beneath, so it really feels like you're immersed.

Outfit Details:

Part of me was tempted not to upload these photos as a post here, because my outfit doesn't seem very 'post-worthy'. I think as a FBL blogger, there's often the pressure to feel like you've to dress a certain way, or put a certain amount of effort into your outfit, and that a really casual outfit that you've put incredibly little to no thought into somehow isn't 'good enough' to grace your blog.

But I don't think that should be the case - after all, we don't wear towering heels, tasseled earrings and dresses every day of the week! Sometimes (OK, a lot of the time) I dress in an uncoordinated ensemble of comfortable tops, elasticated trousers and a flat shoe ;) My off-duty wardrobe if you will.

Haivaianas are a case in point - they're as comfortable as anything. And of course I'm wearing another breton - need I even say anymore? ;) I'd actually love to hear your thoughts on this - is the outfit important to you as a reader? Or say if we've visited somewhere, are you happy to indulge in the experience within the post instead?

F and I have been housesitting this week as his parents are away for a wedding, and I can already tell you one thing, that it's been amazing having their kitchen! His mother's the type of person to have every ingredient you could possibly want in the cupboards, and his father's the type to have every kitchen appliance/gadget you could wish for, so I've been really inspired to cook - we had coquina squash amongst other things tonight and it's my 'new favourite thing' (in inverted speech marks because I'm guilty of using that phrase incredibly lightly ;)

I'd love to hear what you've been up to this week, and I hope you're having a lovely one!