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11 March 2018 1 comment

F and I have had quite a few weekends away in the country lately. Only nearby - Sonning, Oxfordshire, Wiltshire etc - but I adore them. Having grown up in Surrey, the English countryside will always keep a place in my heart, and I think the older I get, the more attracted I am to gardens, country walks, and the slower pace of life. I used to be almost fanatical about living in London, determined that the second I finished uni, I'd be there, all hustle and bustle in the city - it's funny how your outlook can change quite so much isn't it? I wouldn't change my little rural life for the world now :)

Anyway, I feel myself going off on a bit of a tangent so I'll quickly zip back round to the point of today's post! F and I have had a few weekends away in the country lately, and I've been really trying to hone my skills in packing for a short trip, and putting together a failsafe capsule wardrobe that will see me through the few days with enough options, and won't leave me trailing around lots of baggage!

T R U S T Y   D E N I M

There are many reasons denim is so popular. It's the perfect mixture of comfort, hardiness and style, that lends itself so well to any daytime country pursuit, and you can even dress it up for the evening should you so wish. I tend to always pack a pair of these skinnies because they're so easy to tuck into boots or wellies, and they're nice and stretchy for travelling in.

A N O T H E R   O P T I O N

Whilst I did used to just take a pair of jeans for a weekend, because realistically you can wear them for 2 or 3 days and just swap around tops, it's nice to have another option in your weekend bag in case your jeans get splattered with mud or something - which has happened to me! Whether it be a pair of cords or some chinos, or I've been liking to take a skirt and some tights/leggings, and wear them a bit like in this outfit post - nice for an impromptu casual dinner out too.

W A T E R P R O O F   O U T E R W E A R

A waterproof is essential, to keep both warm and dry. I know I bang on about it, but I couldn't be without my Barbour - it's the most practical piece in my wardrobe!

L A Y E R I N G   P I E C E S

I think the trick to my upper half, is to take pieces I can layer together or wear alone. Oxford/those deliciously thick cotton shirts are my favourite as they're just so comfortable, and fortunately look great with the sleeves rolled up a bit - great for cooking up a feast on the Aga without dipping your cuffs into tomato sauce. I love the ultimate classic of course, but I've got a few of these ones from Gap and they're really great too. I always take a thin(ish) jumper with me, because I get hot easily and hate it when I do! And of course, how could I leave the house without choosing a Breton from my vast collection? ;) In all seriousness though, they're an extremely comfortable and versatile top - wear with the jeans, tuck into the skirt etc.


I don't take much in the way of accessories - I don't tend to wear many everyday anyway so why change the habit when I'm away? A scarf is a must though to wrap up warm! And a crossbody in case your Barbour pockets won't hold everything you want to take about with you - I'm loving this simple, deep chestnut number (25% off atm) which is just such a lovely colour.


I'm making the best use of my wellies since this outfit post, especially as F thinks I won't get enough use out of them ;) They're the ideal option for a country getaway though, at the very least just to have them in the car boot ready for an adventure! I pretty much always will take my chelsea boots too because again, they seem ready for anything.

I N S I D E   S H O E S

I always think it's worth taking a little pair of shoes to wear indoors, when your boots are muddy or tatty. My current favourite loafers never take up too much space and go well with both jeans or skirts.

Funnily enough I've got a few pieces to add to my own Transition To Spring Wishlist now! (albeit they're going to be pretty much exact dupes for items already in my wardrobe..)

Hope you're all having a wonderful Sunday, and a wonderful Mother's Day!