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9 March 2018 5 comments

Red Lip Favourites - Barely There Beauty blog

And to say I never used to wear lipstick at all.

After a few years of blogging, I've amassed quite the collection of reds - from an peppy, matte tangerine, right through to the darkest, glossy burgundy, and it's safe to say that I'm pretty keen on the quintessential Breton and red lip combo now, so I'd thought I'd share with you a few favourites today, including some budget-friendly options that are just as good, if not better, than their high end counterparts.

Red Lip Favourites - Barely There Beauty blog
Red Lip Favourites - Barely There Beauty blog


T H E   T R U E   R E D

Buxom recently launched on Feelunique so they kindly sent me over a few bits to try, and their Bold Gel lippie in Classified Crimson was the stand out piece for me. I've not tried Buxom products before, but I'm now in hindsight wondering why ever not! This matte red is so deliciously creamy, smooth and pigmented, and sits really well on the lips - in fact it's the one I'm sporting in this post's photos - I love it.

For a drugstore option, I'd really recommend the Rimmel Lasting Finish lippie in Alarm. I think the formula of Rimmel lipsticks are, in general, very good and their Lasting Finish red is as creamy as the best of them. It's not matte, but rather velvety, and lasts well - I chose to wear this one for my graduation ball and it looked beautiful in the photographs!

T H E   L O N G - W E A R I N G   R E D

Now you'll know I'm no fan of liquid lipsticks, but I make a bit of an exception for reds, especially if you want them to last. I think the Stila Stay All Day formulation is really nice, both to look at and wear. It doesn't crack, smudge or dry out my lips and their red shades are really intense and opaque. I own both Tesoro and Beso, the former, a little brighter with a hint of orange, and the latter, a rich true red.

T H E   P E P P Y   R E D

I didn't know what to make of Dior's Matte Metal lipsticks, but the shade 999 c/o World Duty Free (they've some serious luxury lippies), a sort of scarlett tangelo, has won me over. It's a lot less metallic than I was expecting, and very smooth, creamy and non-drying. The metallic centre gives a really nice sheen to the lips that gives it a sort of creamy look, but a matte wear. My favourite summery red is Rosie For Autograph's Laugh Out Loud. It's very bright and looks especially fab against bronze skin (which mine is anything but right now). I can't wait for holiday/Indian Summer season so I can wear it!

Red Lip Favourites - Barely There Beauty blog

Red Lip Favourites - Barely There Beauty blog

Red Lip Favourites - Barely There Beauty blog

T H E   S U L T R Y   R E D

I posted a photo of me trying Tom Ford's Red Corset on my Instagram lately and had some lovely comments, so thank you! It's not a shade that I ever thought would suit me, and truth be told I'm still not sure. It's a deep, rich, glossy cherry red - it looks just like a freshly washed, plump fruit. It's a very high maintenance lip colour, being so glossy and dark, but a really special shade for a special occasion. A deeper red that I think is underrated is MAC's Party Line. I received it as part of the MACxDisney event last year and it's my favourite piece from the day. Sheered out it's very 'rosy' and 'daytime', but applied until opaque, it's a dark, rich shade, not dissimilar to the Tom Ford, that's a bit easier to get on with.

T H E   L O W   M A I N T E N A N C E   R E D

Not pictured in the swatches, but I thought I'd give a quick mention to two sheer, and in my mind, underrated reds that I reach for when I'm looking for low maintenance and easy. No7's BB lips in Geranium (actually not that sheer if you don't want it to be) is such a comfortable formula to wear, and it's orangey tone is wonderful for summer. I find the shade a really good match to the outer tube. Sexy lips. A bit of an odd name to give a lipstick I think, but L'Oreal's balm in Break The Rules is an exceedingly pretty, sheer red that I tend to keep in my bag with me as a perfect, low-key Breton pairing.


(^^Just thought I'd show you how they stain as well!)

What's your favourite red lippie? Because I'm of course in need of expanding my collection ;)