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4 March 2018 6 comments


I've had many questions about my thoughts on Lixirskin since I first tried their Vitamin C Paste back in.. November?! (and I'm now writing this in a snowy March, doesn't time fly??) It's hard to pass over a brand that has quite such Instagrammable packaging and, for me, I couldnt help but be attracted to the incredibly minimal and straight forward range, now that I'm simplifying my skincare and embracing my natural beauty and all that.

Whilst their products used to only be available to purchase from their website and Victoria Health (and I think Liberty too) here in the UK (and I was admittedly quietly pleased that us Britons finally got first dibs on a sought-after range,because it's oh so common for it to be the other way round! - I'm looking at you Kristen Ess et al..), you can now pick up the whole collection on Cult Beauty, who kindly sent me a few more bits to try. 

Founded by Collette Haydon, dermodoctor to big beauty brands like Jo Malone and REN, the entirety of Lixirskin's collection amounts to six, very concisely named products, featuring some of my favourite ingredients. Read on for my thoughts!




Let's start with the Electrogel Cleanser.

Whilst I thought 'electrogel' would have something to do with the texture, this is in fact a cream cleanser - which I must say are not ordinarily my favourite kind. The electrogel in fact refers to a negatively charged particle within the cleanser that supposedly attracts, and hence removes, all the positively charged nasties on your skin. 

I always find that cream cleansers tend to sink into my skin a little too much as I'm massaging them around my face, which is why I always mix in a couple of drops of facial/carrier oil to help keep it's slip - I'm not sure if that's 'the done thing' but it works for me! The Electrogel cleanser seems to do a lovely job of removing makeup though, and a good once over with this and my Beauty Water tends to rid me of any last scrap of 'the day's face'. 



The Universal Emulsion is the only moisturiser in the range, and touted as an all-in-one solution to keeping your skin hydrated and moisturised. Lixirskin's website, rather cryptically, states that due to an 'unusual emulsification technique', they've managed to obtain an SPF 10, without adding any sunscreens. I mean, it's neither here nor there in my experience because I try and wear something higher than SPF 30 everyday, but a curio nonetheless. 

On first impressions, I thought the cream felt quite oily and a bit rich for me, but it absolutely dries down and settles to a velvety finish, so actually really quite good as a primer too. I really like how standalone it is, because I'm becoming ever more fond of a minimalist routine. The first few ingredients include oleyl erucate (a skin softening and conditioning agent, often obtained from fish oils), squalane, glycerin and shea butter, and all of the formulas seem quite simple, with a base full of beneficial ingredients so I'm a happy camper in that regard.



The Vitamin C Paste is the product I've used by far the most and you'll already know if you follow along with my Instagram that I really like it! I think vitamin C products are often tricky because I either seem to find them a bit lacklustre and ineffective, or just can't abide their texture - which is why I've always historically stuck to Korean brands. However, I've been trying western alternatives more recently, like the very good vitamin C serum from my current beauty favourites, and I'm happy to announce their improvement against their Kbeauty counterparts!

Containing 10% L-Ascorbic, it might not seem very concentrated if you're used to the hardcore Korean formulations, but that doesn't seem to have any effect on it's efficacy. What I love most about the Lixirskin paste, is that it's not very paste-like. Eloquently put I know. But there's no grittiness, greasiness, or stickiness that seems commonplace among some vitamin C products (the Ordinary Vitamin C Suspension - horrible texture). It's a very smooth, voluminous gel that feels entirely comfortable on the skin, and it's a very quick treatment - I just massage and leave it on my skin for around 3 minutes whilst brushing my teeth or something of the equivalent time lapse, and rinse off. It leaves my skin feeling instantly soft and smooth - I think this, and Blithe's splash mask, are the perfect, quick and easy morning treatments that offer not only longer term results, but instant gratification. 

S H O P   T H E   R A N G E

I'd love to hear your thoughts on Lixirskin if you've tried the brand - I've one of the Night Switch's (little, sort of .. ampoules or boosters that you can add to the Universal Emulsion dependent on your skin concerns - there are a couple of acid ones and a retinol) on the way so I'm excited to try that.

I hope you're all having a wonderfully lazy Sunday by the way! I'm having a little bit of a digital detox this weekend (minus adding this little footnote and having a quick browse of Pinterest! I'm starting that whole 'Spring clean' mentally by organising my boards - I've love you to follow along here if you're into Pinterest anyway :)

Let me know what you're up to today!