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1 March 2018 8 comments

Today's post is a very simple one - I've a bunch of beauty products, new and not so, that I'm just thoroughly enjoying at the mo, and I'd love to share them with you!

Products mentioned:

Let's start with skincare, because that's where we always start.

I picked up a mini of the La Mer Gel Cream and as much as I didn't want to love it, I love it (dejavu with the foundation). Although saying it, I think I like it just as much as the Hyggee All In One Essence (that I mentioned in my latest skincare post here), which has a relatively similar texture and is a small fraction of the price.... But I do love it!

I've been a big fan of vitamin C over the last few years, but thus far I've used Korean products pretty much exclusively, because I've just thought they're.. well, better? I bought the Vichy Vitamin C completely on a whim towards the start of the year and I've been really enjoying it. It makes my skin feel lovely and smooth, is non-sticky, not greasy, and has no discernible scent - I'll definitely be continuing with it.

I've been trying to keep my skincare quite simple and pared back, so have reverted to a couple of older favourites. As far as eye creams go, I'm rotating through a few, but it's Estee Lauder's ANR c/o that I find myself reaching for most, almost absent-mindedly, because I really enjoy it's texture. Caudalie's Detox Oil c/o comes with me on most of my weekend trips etc too because it's a great one-product evening routine for this time of the year. I really love layering the whole of that line too when I'm at home.

I must give a little nod to body products (I'm loving L'Occitane at the mo - their almond shower oil is just blissful), and in particular the ESPA Triserum, a lovely, rich oil infused with turmuric - it just feels so lovely and light on the skin.

Onto makeup.

There are two new lip products that I'm wearing regularly these days, and goodness me, one is a liquid lip! You might already know that I'm not a liquid lip fan, but Buxom has me at least temporarily converted with their Centrefold Lightweight Lipstick c/o. It's a delightful nude-peach-pink that doesn't wash me out and feels so comfortable on the lip (it wears nicely through dinner too which is always a plus). I'm generally impressed with Rimmel lipsticks and I recently picked up the Kate version in shade 08 which is a lovely, creamy lipstick that helps my lips look a little less bare in photographs - I'm wearing it in this post so I welcome you to take a look and give me your thoughts!

The Chanel CC cream certainly isn't a new product, neither to the market nor me, but I've been very much enjoying using it again lately. SPF 50 and pigment in one, it's the kind of lazy-girl, multi-tasking product that I wholesomely appreciate these days.

One of the biggest surprises for me in the makeup world is New Look, and notably, their brow products. They're just fantastic and I really didn't expect them to be. The fibre brow gel in particular, is wonderful - you might have already seen me mention it after so many of you asked how I shape + style my eyebrows. It's a fab dupe for the Laura Mercier brow gel, with a teeny wand and good colouring. I think you can only pick up the little brow palettes in store, but well worth it if you see it about.

I go through phases with my eye makeup, and I've just come out of a lengthy stage of leaving them as bare as is absolutely possible! I've been enjoying a little eyeshadow or definition at the lashline and my very favourite of them all is Stila's Lionfish liner. I don't feel like Stila kohl-style liners are talked about enough, because they're exceedingly good, and Lionfish is a lovely, rich brown with a coppery tinge that helps brown eyes stand out - I love it.

Let me know, what are your current beauty favourites?