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21 February 2018 7 comments

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As we're already getting ready to round off February, I'm coming to you today with a 10 Things post (keep up with the whole series here). There have been several that have made me unhappy, annoyed and pretty put out this month (eg one of those hormonal pimples on the jawline, and being like you're being ripped off), but there have also been lots of things that have made me pretty content or joyful, and documenting a little positivity is what this series is about, so let's get sharing. I hope you're all having a wonderful day of it, whatever your're up to :)

one. // Lighter evenings. It's really amazing to see how a change in weather and daylight hours has quite the effect it does on my mood.

two. // My first Instagram post over 1000 likes! (I think it got to nearly 1.5k in the end?) 1000 likes is commonplace to many bloggers/accounts but it's quite a big number for me! I'm actually incredibly thankful I have such an engaged and supportive bunch of followers, who leave me the loveliest messages - so thank you :) (I'm also writing this a couple of days after finding out that I'm most probably shadowbanned, so that's not so great.. It does aggravate me that Instagram seems to be punishing accounts that aren't doing anything wrong, whilst others, who have bought followers/likes and gone against guidelines get off scot-free. And I bet even you can think of an offender who fits in the latter category! But I don't want to tarnish the positivity of this post with the oily brush of injustice - I believe in karma anyway ;) I also think that 'success' isn't just measured in a statistic, by popularity, money, or by how many PR samples you get a month - sometimes it's about happiness and feeling like you're being true to yourself that brings the most joy.)

three. // L'Occitane. I'm pretty hooked on their stuff. It just seems to make my showering experience so much more pleasant? F's mum very sweetly got me some more of their almond shower oil, and the rose shea butter and they're both delightful.

four. // Weekend breaks. F and I recently went and stayed at The Coppa Club in Sonning, just for a random night away - even though we live exceedingly near by. It's actually quite fun to stay somewhere that's really close to home? I often think that I should explore my doorstep more - we sort of take it all for granted because it's 'home', but there are so many beautiful little hidden nooks that I'll drive past for example on an almost daily basis and never stop to appreciate.

five. // Coffee + dogs. There's a lovely coffee shop on the outskirts of Reading, Berkshire, that allows dogs, and happens to be opposite a vets, so you need not have me tell you it's often a sea of little furry feet. I love dogs, and our latest visit allowed me to play with a gorgeous little 5-month-old Goldenpoo called Archie, and a behemoth of a creature, Coco, the magnificent Newfoundland. Happy me :)

six. // Woodland walks. I donned my finest country attire for an OOTD the other day and F and I went for a lovely woodland walk on one of those gorgeously crisp, wintery days where the sun rays break through the tree canopy at funny angles.

seven. // Studentska chocolate. I've developed a real guilty pleasure for this particular bar of Czech-imported milk chocolate with raisins, nuts and odd jelly-like pieces in it. F's dad brought some back from a business trip to Italy and I've found myself snaffling it whenever possible!

eight. // This floral silk top. Actually I'm a bit enamoured with Anthropologie florals at the moment,  whether it's in their clothing or homeware..

nine. // Full circle. I remember planning a couple of posts when I very started posting online, and one was a skincare post inspired by a Skinceuticals product that I remember thinking was completely beyond my budget, and quite an aspirational piece to have on my dressing table. They recently reached out to me, offering me some of their skincare to try, and I can't help but feel a little sense of 'full circle' achievement :) A lovely moment.

ten. // Bloggers. I did a bit of love sharing over on my Instagram stories after Valentine's day, naming 10 super lovely and sweet girls I've ever had the pleasure to meet online, so we might as well share in some appreciation here too :)

Lisa // Anxhela // Stacey // Liz // Nish // Ash // Natalie // Laura // My // Desiree

I hope you're having the most lovely week, and do let me know what's made you happy lately :)



  1. I'm desperate to try more from L'Occitane - they seem like such a cool brand!

    Anika |

  2. I've started to actually use the weekend to do things other than blogging - as it means you get to have a break and enjoy the little things x

  3. I am loving the lighter evenings, they really do improve my mood!

    Danielle xx

  4. I love these simple lists that have a deep meaning...
    Wow 1000 Likes is amazing, so happy for you :)

  5. Lovely list!

  6. You deserve the likes and so much more - I was dancing around and celebrating with you all the way from California!! Something similar happened to me and I was over the moon - so I can imagine how you felt. It's great when smaller time bloggers get those little surges, I just wish it was a bit more stable. But that's the forever game of IG these days, and I think as long as we stick with it we'll get through it :) I'm just also really glad that all your photos (or mostly) are popping up on my feed these days!! Hopefully we've made it clear to the algorithm that we want to see each other's stuff haha.

    I think it's so nice that you're doing this little list of products that make you happy. Especially with all the craziness that goes on in our lives, it's important to see the good throughout any bad. I may need to implement something like this in my life - even if it's personal and kept to myself!

    Cindy |


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