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7 March 2018 4 comments

Silky blush blouse (available in a few other colours too) // Dainty star necklace
Polka dot ruffle blouse // Embroidered blush velvet flats (the mustard ones are gorgeous too!)
Agate drawer knobs (I might pick up a few more of the agate coasters, here for UK | US, whilst I'm at it too!)

(A hopeful) good riddance Winter!

After having a couple of days pretty much being snowed in, in March, I can safely say I'm looking ahead to Spring and Summer now. I'm getting the urge to eat salads and fresher foods but the weather is definitely making me reach for stews and bread still. Loaves of crusty bread..

The change in seasons always makes me feel a little excited to swap out my wardrobe and add some new pieces (and I do very much enjoy making these collages!) so I thought I'd share a little 'Transition To Spring' wishlist with some of the items I'm most coveting at the moment.

I think top of my list are fresh shirts and blouses (and of course another Breton because why not, it's not like I own too many already? ;) - including this Spring-like button down that I think would look so lovely tied, with a pleated skirt. I feel like I've found some great bargains too with La Redoute - I don't know why I've never shopped there before! Spotted those Aerin candles aswell, which I believe are an exclusive with Net-A-Porter, and the scents sound wonderful.

Do let me know what you're wishlisting this Spring!