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28 January 2018 6 comments

Let's start off this edition of Weekend In Numbers with a six, or the meagre number of posts I've managed in January until now ;)

I've been a mixture of unprepared and uninspired this month, I must admit.

I had a schedule outlined for January last year, weather and life-commitments permitting - and they completely have not permitted.. Photos didn't manage to materialise, schedules were thrown out of kilter - so apologies for January's very hole-y posting schedule - I'll be starting afresh for Feb! I've got a number of style posts in the works, and some exciting new additions to my skincare collection, which is always a joy to share. And of course if there's anything you'd like to see, please do let me know, either by commenting, my Instagram, Twitter, or email me if you fancy it!

5641 // current Camera roll count - I finally got round to that clearout from posts 1 and 2!

2 // trips to Cau for steak dinnerdates.

4 // days managed of healthy eating - I'm finding it really, quite laborious to conjure up and plan meal ideas at the moment! I definitely go through moods where it's a joy, and then a chore - and at the moment, we're on chore.. (tasty meal ideas welcome!)

5.5 // out of 10, how currently bothered or excited I am about Valentine's day. I very much used to think of it as a day specifically for couples, one to share with your other half, but I more recently associate it with a more general, broad sense of love. Love day :) To celebrate the things you love, and all of those you love.

0 // hours of TV watched this week! (although we watched Black Mirror's Hang The DJ last week and it was pretty good - worth a watch)

also 0 // hours of photography I've managed to get done this week - due to a combination of a busy schedule and the crappy, dismal weather we've had in England.. The backlog is growing!

18 // bretons now in my wardrobe, now that I've bought a new one... Just thought I'd update you on my collection ;)

276 // miles driven in a day by F, the poor soul, for a family event he had to attend. Made him a nice vegetable curry to come home to though :)

8.5 // out of 10, how messy my room currently is due to my 'spring cleaning'. I'm always really lazy when it comes to finding a permanent solution to my ever-expanding possessions, favouring to just give them a temporary home.. But I've decided to chop (literally) and change the storage on one of the bedroom walls to try and house all of my skincare..

I don't really feel like I've got anything interesting to say, if honest. It's been one of those weeks I've felt very busy, but I don't remember exactly what I've got done..

It's really quite amusing how difficult it is to write a post when you feel uninspired. I think I need to take a look back over these tips on feeling re-inspired to get my mojo back! I was tempted to not post anything today, and wait until I felt a little more 'with it' in a literary sense, but I sort of like this naive quality about a blog - I do like that sometimes, things are unplanned and a bit rambly, and that they portray a more accurate, unadulterated view of real life?

Anyway, I'm pretty sure I mentioned it above (I've been writing this post over a few days now ;), but do let me know of any posts you might like to see - I'd be happy for the inspiration!

And I hope you're all having a wonderful end to this weekend :)

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