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21 January 2018 5 comments

I've been enjoying getting out in front of the camera to show you little snippets of 'life behind the photographer' - including sharing more of my wardrobe.

With the days potentially brightening up, but it still often being bitterly cold, Jan/Feb is an odd period for fashion and knowing what to wear. Perhaps less so for me though because I live in a constant rotation of the same kinds of pieces, or what I'm calling my style staples - so read on for my current essential pieces of 'closetry!'

S I M P L E   C O A T S

It's not quite trench weather, so a nice, warm, but slimline coat is my outerwear of choice. I've got a few in my wardrobe, all of which look admittedly incredibly similar.. a couple of navy peacoats, a couple of sleek black wool numbers, but they're a timeless staple for a reason! Even though we're heading towards Spring and Summer, I'm on the lookout for a camel coat of sorts, maybe with a belted closure? (I'd be grateful for any pointers!)

M O M   J E A N S

It's taken me ages to get into Mom jeans, and I pretty much solely have The Anna Edit to thank/blame, as hers were exactly the style I was looking for, and so I bought them in several colours ;) Having lived in skinny jeans until now, I'm loving the thicker denim and lack of stretch of these Mum jeans - and of course the high waist (I remember the days of old when we used to shop at Tammy Girl having got the bus into town, and low waisted trousers were the thing. Although I do still have a cream leather skirt from that time lurking about somewhere which is pretty much all the way back in fashion now..)


For the times I'm not in boots or Sketcher's Go Walks (or my little ankle Uggs, otherwise known as 'socially-just-about-acceptable slippers, whenever I can get away with them), you'll find me in loafers. I've all sorts of pairs and I never tire of them. Penny loafers like these gorgeous cognac leathers or these classic Madewells have to be my favourite - they're so comfortable. I fairly recently picked up these Gucci-esque gold bar loafers, which are incredibly comfortable but I'm put off all things Gucci at the minute after being bombarded with Marmont every second picture on Instagram.. These are a pretty inexpensive dupe anyway, so if I ending up not liking them, it's no real hardship ;)

O X F O R D   S H I R T S

In somewhat of an effort to turn away from the 175 Bretons in my wardrobe (OK that's an exaggeration, but it's still at least a tenth of that..), I've been purchasing more Oxford shirts, for everyday. There's something about a thicker, cotton shirt that looks so much more flattering than a finer weave. Ralph Lauren do my favourite, but I own and love several of these GAP ones too, and Uniqlo have very affordable options.

S I L K   S H I R T S

And following on from the casual Oxford, I'm very much into silk shirts for a little slinkiness - they feel gorgeous against the skin. And fortunately, they're available these days at a price to suit most budgets. I think these simple Boden shirts, with a hidden button-up front are gorgeous, and great value for under £100 - I love the navy, polka dot option! And Other Stories and Sezane also have under-£100 shirts - simple styling and great wardrobe essentials. I must admit though, the open cuffs on this Michael Lo Sordo are the perfect small detail for showing off sentimental armware, like my favourite coordinates bracelet c/o.

C R O S S B O D Y   B A G S

I've always been a shoulder bag kind of person - and have used my Mulberry Bayswater for years and years (it's been such a good investment!), but lovely, leather, crossbody bags have slowly snuck their way into my wardrobe over the last couple of years, and I thought it particularly apt to add them into my current style staples today as I recently acquired this gorgeous Celine.. I'm not averse to an more affordable bag either, and I think Topshop's crossbody collection always have something minimal, stylish and affordable. For something a little more mid-range, this saddle crossbody looks like a designer number for a fraction of the price, and I love the rich chestnut hue of this one for only £100.

Let me know, what are your current style staples?

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