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10 September 2017 5 comments


N E W   Y E A R   S E P T E M B E R ,   N E W   S T A R T

Is there such thing as the 9 month slump? September always feels like a bit of a crossroads for me - or more, a natural divide in the year. All the good intentions from the start of the New Year have all but ebbed away now, but something about the change of seasons and 'Back To School' time, makes September an opportunity to pick things back up, or change direction.

I did a similar post last year that seemed to go down well (you can check it out here), so I'm back today with five more tips to rebooting your September, and how to feel more energised and inspired by embracing change. Hope you enjoy!



It's no surprise that your surroundings greatly affect your mood, especially if you're somewhat aesthetically driven like me (I could happily while away hours contemplating an interior decor update..), so in the name of inspiration and a renewed sense of energy, I'm giving you free reign to go wild on your space - for September only you understand? ;)

Rearranging your space and shifting around a bit of furniture can be all it takes to add a bit of zap back into your routine, and give you the excitement of a whole new room. I love the idea of being tidy and organised (although that doesn't always manifest itself..) and therefore relish in going shopping for storage solutions - I've got together just about all of my makeup now into it's own little unit with acrylic boxes that fit perfectly - so satisfying. If it's a bedroom, get new bedding, or items to put you in the mood for sleep. Surround yourself with objects that add beauty, purpose, sentiment or value. Clear up clutter, add personal touches, incorporate nature, and add plenty of lighting to suit your room's needs.


W I D E N   Y O U R   P A L E T T E

It's all too common to get stuck in a food rut, and for a foodie like me, that's bad news. Feeling glum and uninspired about mealtimes, frankly, can set the tone for the rest of my day. The lure of convenience leads me to the same weekday meals, because they're quick and easy, and we can quickly get fed up.

Variety is, after all, the spice of life (hoho), so bring back some inspiration by widening your palette. Scope out new cookbooks, food magazines and blogs for new recipe ideas - like my Lemon, Thyme + Courgette cake, or Beetroot + Goat's Cheese tart. Make a point of trying 5 new ingredients you've not cooked with before, or order something completely alien from your usual the next time you eat out.


We're constantly evolving, and shaping out for ourselves who we are as individuals, but how often do we consciously stop and give the time to evaluate our current position? Bravo if you can reply 'often' in response to this! Because for most, myself included, it's an activity that get's completely overlooked in the sprawls of life.

Assess and reevaluate your goals, your priorities and where you'd like to be - you could even try writing down your own mantra, or personal statement. You can apply something similar to your business or your blog too, think about questions like Who is your target audience?, and are you appealing to that audience? For me, I'm enjoying the shift away from beauty, writing more posts like this, and having a more informal, personable feel with you all - so it's something I'll be cultivating more :)


I N C O R P O R A T E   W E L L B E I N G

"Valuing your time, more than the pursuit of money, leads to feelings of greater wellbeing."

Taking up a new hobby, or doing something you've never tried before, can excite and ignite. And what could be more of a welcome respite from the 9 month slump of September.

In the spirit of digital detoxing, you can kill two birds by choosing something that encourages slower living and gets you away from your damn phone! Yoga, meditation, hiking, writing, painting, volunteering, or just giving yourself one project to focus on, like learning to sew a dress, or threading together a macrame wall hanging. There's nothing like a short term, pressure-free project to spark a little joy.

A   N E W   Y O U

If you've been sitting on a change in your appearance for a little while, then September is the perfect time to just go for it. It's surprising what energy you can gain from a fresh hair cut or colour - even parting it differently. And if you've been wanting to lose a few pounds, and your good intentions from New Year fizzled out several months ago (me, always), take this moment to start over - I always see September as a bit of a new start anyway, do you?

If you're after more ideas on rebooting your September then do check out last year's post, as I still stand by those tips! And let me know, how do you feel about September? Is anyone else excited about Autumn?!

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