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13 September 2017 2 comments

H O A R D I N G   >   C L E A R O U T S   +   G E E K I N G   O U T

12 // consecutive days of Vegetarianism... before I gave into fennel cured meats for our homemade pizza.. I'm a total failure aren't I ;) but just too tasty to pass up on!

9 // toners donated or thrown out in an effort to consolidate my oversized skincare collection.

11 // toners nonetheless remain..

4 // wellbeing publications bought in the last week - my new favourite thing!

2 // the mere number of eclairs left at Maitre Choux when I popped in last thing the other day. (Yes I had both).

9420 // current Camera Roll count. The 'clearout' from my last Weekend In Numbers post clearly didn't go so well..

10+ // minutes of constant, unbridled laughter over a silly voice F and I did - oh to be childlike.

2.5+ // hours listening to John Mayer on repeat - what a talented man.

7 // the level of geekiness, out of 10, appropriated by watching X-com 2 expansion streams with F.

8 // the level of surprise, out of 10, to find myself enjoying it so much.

9.5 - 9.75 // the level of F's surprise out of 10, that I enjoy it so much!

17 // striped Breton tops now in my wardrobe after my little Joules haul the other day - I'm a woman out of control!

How has your week been so far? I hope it's been a good one!

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