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25 August 2017 16 comments

P R O D U C E ,   G R E E N E R Y   +   A U T U M N

I didn't imagine I'd be quite so fond of this series when I started it, five months ago. I'm already enjoying reflecting on the little moments that made me happy back then. And I'm also glad that you seem to enjoy them so far! In fact, maybe that should be an honourary number eleven this month ;)

one. Shopping in Waitrose on my own. // I love Waitrose (they sell peach jam and raspberry vinegar after all). And food shopping in general. And I find it quite the therapeutic affair to wander around with my trolley, on my own, able to peruse the isles at leisure, and unaccompanied by F wanting to hurry things along ;)

two. The first hint of Autumn. // The weather has been distinctly cool in the UK lately for August, and I can't say I'm not inwardly excited. Autumn has always been my favourite month - definitely not not influenced by the fact my birthday is in October ;) Layering, crisp, autumnal light, fall recipes and cosy nights in, and it's the perfect weather to wear my vast collection of Joules Harbour tops - who else is excited?!

three. The garden. // Growing and cultivating has been my absolute favourite hobby of this year, and summer is the time where all your hard work comes to fruition. Ours is looking entirely lush and green, and there's so much to harvest, it's making cooking a dream - I've felt so inspired!

four. House plants. // I picked up a couple more little pots of greenery to add to my small but growing collection of easy-to-keep-alive, beginner's plants the other day. My peace lily has remained alive for over 18 months or so now I think, which, you'll have to understand, is quite the achievement for me! Mum's Streptocarpus have erupted into a cascade of flowers too at the mo, and looking divine - I don't know how she gets them to grow quite so well.

five. A new found recipe. // I've cooked, and loved, a classic beef stroganoff in the past but have, for one reason or another, always omitted the brandy, and attempted to make things healthier with less butter and cream. James Martin has, however, convinced me otherwise with his recipe, which we made the other day and was delicious - I did, granted, nearly take my eyebrows off with the flambeing though ;) I also had a Korean beef rib soup, whose stock had been boiled for about 30 hours or something happily insane - honestly, my favourite kind of food. EVER.

six. My current makeup bag. // Perhaps a bit superficial but have you ever just been really content with your current rotation of makeup items? I know that I can reach into my concisely chosen selection at the moment and be really happy with my makeup, no matter what I pull out. Having blushes (Burberry) that blend effortlessly for example, or a foundation (Bobbi Brown) that makes my skin look great.

seven. You guys. // I get so many lovely words about my photography and writing etc from you, that I really need to say a huge thank you to you all, each of your words mean so much. I had one particularly wonderful comment about my blog the other day, that really brightened up my day.

eight. Glass + rain. // It rained pretty heavily last night, that kind of heavy, temperate 'summer' shower that goes on for a good hour-plus, which sounds particularly good coming down onto skylights. Even film-buff, F, likes to turn off the tv, open up the bedroom windows and lie in bed to listen to it together. (I promise, no more sap for the rest of this post ;)

nine. Rayman Legends. // OK, so here's an insight into my inner-geek. F is a techie, and bought me the latest PS4 version of Rayman, a game that I used to play (badly) on PC, probably circa year 2000???, because you can play two-player cooperative, and I love it! It's an adorable game to start with, the artwork is really well done, but most importantly, it's another activity that F and I love to do together :)

ten. Bloggers. // I came across Raw Beauty Kristi this month and I've really enjoyed her videos. I feel like my tastes in blogs and vlogs has really changed, and I now appreciate finding people who aren't afraid to show their character, or their 'imperfections', much more so than watching a perfectly edited, heavily curated view of someone's life, you know?

I love both reading and writings these posts so let me know, what was it that made you happy recently??

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