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27 August 2017 23 comments


N E W   I N   B E A U T Y

If you're a fellow blogger, do let me know - do you ever have days where writing a blog post is like trying to get blood from a stone? I feel like the words are just not making themselves apparent today, and my sentences are winding and repetitive. So essentially, please can we ignore my off-writing today?! Back on topic, I'm always interested to hear what people are loving lately, and why. I've got a handful of relatively new beauty favourites, so let me share them with you :)


Let's start with some Caudalie. I first got into their products thanks to one of my old uni housemates, and their new releases always tend to impress. Newest to my collection, the Vinoperfect Brightening Essence is a lovely step to add to your routine, for extra hydration and plumpness. It also includes glycolic acid and peony extract to keep your skin looking lovely and bright.

Also must give a mention to Caudalie's Vineactiv Serum (review here) and Tony Moly's SPF 50 Sun Oil (review here) - both of which I've managed to accidentally omit from the photos as they're on my windowsill, after having used them this, and every, morning! I've review posts on both, here and here, if you were after more info!



I was kindly sent over some, what I call, 'serious skincare' from Medik 8 a couple of months ago, the kind of no-frills stuff that you really feel could do something. I mentioned their 1TR cream in my Retinol 101 post and how much I've liked it, and I can say the same for their Vitamin C "serum". I use the quotation marks because it uses a base of jojoba oil, so you could really consider it a vitamin C facial oil, with a stable form of vitamin C and a light texture that sinks in readily. I find vitamin C products can be really finickity, feeling greasy or gritty, or irritating, but this one is happily none of those things - definitely worth a look into!

I've been loving the 'skintertainment' factor of Tosowoong's ceramide cream, a moisturiser that comprises of both cream, around a gel core, meaning you can customise the formula somewhat to suit how your skin's feeling. Both aspects of the formula are lovely, it's the kind of product that shows instantaneous results - my skin looks quenched.




I generally find smoothing primers lacking but Indeed's Nanoblur works surprisingly well on my forehead to blur fine expression lines. I don't find that it layers too well under foundation, but I don't apply any to my forehead so it's not a concern for me.

Speaking of foundation, there are a couple I'm gravitating towards lately, none of which I feel get enough mention on the internet. Both Clinique's Superbalance Silk and the NYX Foundation Drops can be sheered out to give a lovely, velvety finish that just looks like skin - not too glowy, not too matte. The Bare Minerals Blemish Remedy is another one that deserves more mention. Even better than both their Original and Matte formulas, don't be fooled into thinking this one is just for problematic skin. For no-foundation days, which is something I try and embrace, the Charlotte Tilbury Unisex Healthy Glow is perfect. A bit like a tinted primer, it smoothes out pores and gives, as the name might suggest, a healthy glow to the skin.


I've got a few new lipstick and blush favourites, which are albeit, just a variation on the products I already own ;) but nevertheless, favourites they are! I know H&M Beauty has been around for a while now but it took me a while to finally purchase one of their lippies, and I'm really impressed with the formula. Creamy and rich, they're ideal for a classic lip lover like myself. The Clarins Blush Creme and Burberry Light Glow blushes are beautiful. Each blend effortlessly and are pigmented but meld into the skin to look just you've just been for a run.

I've got to include my Charlotte Tilbury palette in this list, as I've just used it so much lately. It comes away with me on every weekend trip, and I don't think there's a single thing I'd improve about it! The perfect counterpart, particularly for travel, are my RFA brushes. They're unbelievably soft, each the perfect shape, and I use them endlessly.


I'd love to hear about your current beauty favourites, as well as any tips for writer's block! We're almost into September and truth be told, I can't wait for Autumn! I hope you've had a lovely weekend so far :)

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