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23 July 2017 10 comments


T O P   T O   T O E   F A V O U R I T E S

It's become somewhat of a tradition here on BTB to do a big, collective roundup of favourites when summer rolls around - and of course a chance for me to indulge in a little flatlay-ing. I've got a bunch of what I consider to be summer essentials to satiate your beauty and lifestyle cravings today so I hope you enjoy!


A   L I T T L E   C O L O U R

Since picking up some colour was unavoidable in Croatia's 30+ degree heat, even with my religious use of SPF 50, I've been embracing a smidge of tan to my otherwise pale complexion this summer. For my face, I've been loving the Unisex Healthy Glow from Charlotte Tilbury (review here) as it's so desperately natural in colour, perfects my skin texture, and is easily washed off at the end of the day.

I've dabbled with St Tropez and Rimmel/L'Oreal wash-offs back when I was a teen, but I haven't used a fake tan for years, until now where I admit to have been sucked in by Bondi Sands oil! It promises, and incidentally delivers, a streak-free, natural looking tan that fades beautifully - the best for a low-maintenance novice like me!

A   M E L T - P R O O F   B A S E

I mentioned in my post from Split that I had an incredibly good makeup day thanks to the Bare Minerals Blemish Remedy foundation. This stuff is marketed for acne-prone skin but I had a really good chat with the lovely assistant at a Bare Minerals counter and learnt that it's really suitable for a much wider demographic. Less glowy than their original formula, but not as dry as their matte formula, it's even more finely milled than both and gives the skin a lovely, velvet finish whilst fending off excess oil and sweat (and boy was Croatia a good test of that!).



M Y   N E W   F A V O U R I T E   S P F ' S

I say new because I haven't been using these two for too long, but neither are new to the market. I wrote a whole, lengthy post on SPF's, now that there are so many different types to play with, where I quickly mentioned the Chanel CC cream. I love that it incorporates a tint alongside SPF 50, for easy-breezy makeup days.

The Bare Minerals Prep Step is a mineral sunscreen (bounces rather than absorbs rays) containing SPF 50, that's light in texture and feels weightless on the skin - I've been completely loving it in this hot weather. It's great for us with acne-prone or sensitive skins, which can often react negatively to chemical sunscreens.

S T A T E M E N T   E A R R I N G S

I usually stick to teeny diamonds or my signature pearls but I've been loving larger, drop earrings this summer to add colour to my extremely predictable wardrobe ;) Actually I've favoured a bit of a bright lip too - I've been rubbing a bit of Rimmel's matte lippies (review here) into my lips, which gives a lovely, low-maintenance stain. Tassles and beading are all of the shops at the moment, so I'll pop some favourites for you below:

S U M M E R   H A I R

My hair gets extra dry in the summer so needs more love and attention in the form of conditioners and oils, and more often than not I turn to Oribe. My favourite frizz tamer is their Supershine cream, it smoothes, adds shines and gorgeous fragrance, and keeps my hair from tangling quite so much (it's notorious for working itself into knots!)



C O R N F L O W E R   B L U E   H U E S

It's no surprise to you I'm sure that I like blue and white.. My crockery, my wardrobe, it's all full of it - I've even half a mind to change my blog colours to suit ;) I love the lavender-y tones in a good cornflower blue, like in these cute, frilly sandals I picked up recently. I'm also one for a pretty, summery scarf, they're easy to change up an outfit and come in useful for chilly shoulders in the evenings. I love this super cute boat number from Hobbs, and the tassles of the one in the photos.

T R A V E L - F R I E N D L Y   S K I N C A R E

These little Detox Rituel tabs c/o Ioma are the perfect innovation for travelling. Sadly they didn't arrive in time for my Travel Skincare Kits post but I just must talk about them, especially as I've not seen other bloggers give them a mention! They come in little strips of individual, perforated capsules, containing different items in your skincare regimen, meaning you can easily customise your perfect routine without the bulk. This particular strip contains 2x serum, an exfoliator, 2x night mask and 2x moisturiser - great for a weekend away.

I love to carry around a facial spray to refresh (I'm just spraying a bottle whilst writing this, Trilogy if you're wondering ;) and invigorate. Caudalie's Grape Water is a summer essential if ever I heard one, I use it liberally - you must try it if you haven't already!

S H O P   T H E   P O S T

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