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26 July 2017 15 comments


S I M P L E   J O Y S

I love writing these posts, and incidentally reading ones like them on other blogs. We've done quite a bit to be happy about this month - big adventures (hint, Croatia) as well as tiny moments. Here are 10 things that've made me happy recently, and I'd love to hear yours!

one. Croatia! // I surely can't omit the wonderful time we had abroad from this list. The scenery around the Adriatic is just stunning, it's a photographer's dream and I do hope you've enjoyed my travel diaries so far. We had the most lovely time together - I can't think of many things better than exploring somewhere beautiful with a loved one.

two. Digital Detoxing. // I've seen some pretty spectacular views this month, an indescribable sunset in Dubrovnik, and another, overlooking the entirety of Bath city, and whilst my natural instinct is to always try and capture moments like that on camera, it's quite the opposite that's been making me happy recently. I've remembered to put the camera down, and just savour that moment in the here and now. Besides, I always think the camera never quite captures the essence of the experience like seeing it through your eyes can. I wrote a whole post on digital detoxing a few months back if you're looking for tips!

three. F + Body Confidence. // I'm undoubtedly hard on my appearance, it's actually one of the reasons I'm sharing more photos of me in front of the camera in an effort to be more self-accepting. F has an effortless way of turning my insecurities into such a sweet positive. Take my cover photo from this post - I just see a huge arse on a harbour wall, whereas he says nonsense, I'm bootylicious haha - having your own personal cheerleader is so heartwarming, you can't help but smile!

four. Flower Markets. // I love being able to pop down to the local market and get the gentleman to make me up a posie, it's always better than the supermarket isn't it? And it puts an extra spring in my step bouncing through town with my bouquet! The bunch from my Summer Essentials post are my latest acquisition - I love the cornflower blue hues.

five. Vegetarianism. // I've been experimenting with going veggie this month and whilst I thought I'd miss meat, I've, rather surprisingly, really been enjoying eating more vegetables. It helps that we're in the midst of summer and the garden is full of produce, ready to be picked. Which leads rather nicely onto..

six. Cultivating. // I'm really getting into growing. It's incredibly soothing and therapeutic to follow the journey of your little plants. We've had peas and carrots, baby new potatoes and little candy-striped beetroot - it gives me no amount of joy pulling them out of the ground, shaking off the earth and eating them within the hour.

seven. Kouignettes. // We went back to Bath the other week and I of course made a beeline for one of my favourite shops - Larnicol. Kouignettes, a little, sweet Breton delicacy are one of the most delicious tastes you could wish for, oozing with French butter and sticky syrupy sugar - I must perfect how to make them, and then I will of course share ;)

eight. Being Children. // Something else we did in Bath was go to the rooftop spa, and instead of behave like responsible adults, we hooked up an armful of floats and pretended we were knights on foam steeds, splashing about in the water with gay abandon - it was so much fun. I must say, I've the need to be responsible and serious a lot of the time in my everyday life, but taking time out to be immature is terribly therapeutic and I thoroughly recommend it ;)

nine. Blog Updates. // I've finally implemented some of the design updates I've been talking about for weeks ;) I've just been so busy that I haven't had the time to sit down and give it my uninterrupted attention. It might not appear as if I've changed a whole lot, and you'd pretty much be right! Even F struggles to spot what I've done haha, but nevertheless, I've fiddled and tweaked and I think it just looks a little fresher, and more me - I of course haven't finished (this is me all over) but I'd love to know what you think!

ten. Bloggers. // I'm loving Vicky's snaps from Ibiza (I keep seeing this camera atm!) as well as just about every recipe from Sasha's blog - this girl has quite the eye for simple, minimalist food styling.

Do tell me, what has been making you happy recently?

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