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23 April 2017 23 comments


Do you ever feel like you're falling out of love with blogging?


It happens to the best of us. Just at some point or another, you question yourself, your motives, ideas don't seem to come as easily, or you don't seem to have the same energy about it all as you once remembered.

It might just be that the words aren't flowing, or you can't think of a suitable topic to write about. In cases like mine, it might be more than that, that you've a deep-seated and elemental feeling that something needs to give way here - that it's either a change required (or several changes), or that blogging might just not be for you..

If you've been reading along with me lately, you'll have probably heard my interspersions of taking my blog in a different direction, shifting the subject of my content, feeling like I've hit a bit of a roadblock, or more intersection with it etcetc. And you might have noticed that this is my first blog post for a week - against the usual thrice weekly grain I've kept up for some time now!


I've been thinking, and I think the nub and gist of things here, is that I've just lost inspiration. And I don't mean, I haven't been on Pinterest lately to peruse the plains of beautiful flatlays and post ideas, I mean the kind of self-fuelled, inborn inspiration that fires up from your belly when you've got a post you're dying to share, the kind that sparks your own creativity, really, the excitement and joy over blogging.

I feel like I've been in this purgatory for a little while now, F and I have even had a chat as to whether I think it's time to hang up my clogs. And that got me thinking, no, this is something I love doing, I just need to find the love in it again. So in today's post, I want to share with you several of my personal tips that are helping my own blogging journey, and with any luck, might help you on yours.


It's definitely easy to get caught up in the minutiae, or be whisked along without having an opportunity to stand still and take stock of why you blog.

Why do you blog? What made you start?

It may be that you want to pursue it as a career, or to share your passions with others. For me, it was more as an outlet, to note down and share my thoughts, passions, experiences and memories, and that's really what incited my slight diversion away from being heavily beauty focused, and incorporating more lifestyle and 'behind the scenes' posts - very much still in the process mind you!

Decide what you want from blogging and take things from there. If you blog for the passion and enjoyment, keep that at the forefront of your mind - say no to PR samples that don't excite you, write only what you want to write about. And even if you want to make it full time, and turn your hobby into a business, try not to get bogged down in the numbers - worrying about how many followers you've gained or lost is a surefire way to dig yourself into misery!


Indecision is the killer of productivity. I know only too well myself how many hours I can while away if I can't make a decision about something!

I think it really helps to decide what kind of blogger you want to be.

What kind of content do you want to produce?

Where do you want your blog to go?

For some, it's a full time vocation we're after. For others, we just want to be casual bloggers, blogging for the love of it. Neither answer is right, nor wrong.

Here's another adage for you as I seem to be full of them today ;) - Comparison is the thief of joy. Oh how most of us know that one only all too well! Whilst seeking inspiration from other blogs can be useful, I do think that when it comes to answering questions like the above, it's a task I like to first attempt by consulting only but myself. When I'm lacking a direction, I'm easily swayed, and end up just focusing on 'why I think her blog is better than mine' or thinking that 'I like her blog, maybe this is the kind of thing I ought to be doing'.

'Ought to be doing'

This is exactly what we're trying to avoid, the 'ought to be doing', 'ought to be posting', 'ought to be thinking' (!) - it's about finding what makes you happy in your heart, and I think that's an activity best tackled alone.



There's no wonder of 'good vibes' that can come from tweaking your blog design and having a bit of an aesthetics update. I've a few changes in the pipeline - which I was hoping would be implemented by the time this post went up, but ho hum, it's been a busy couple of weeks of 'project-ing' for me and I'm really feeling 'in the mood' for this post, so it's going up today anyway!

As a person, we change and grow, and it's only natural our blogs should do the same, to harmonise with us as we evolve. Try seeking out a new a theme, obsess over font choices, brand colours, perhaps even getting into coding and website design yourself.


I often think that losing inspiration or motivation, is mistaken for feeling like your blog is becoming less you, or as if there's some sort of disparity.

I think I can definitely attest to this feeling. I want to feel closer to my blog, and like it represents me more truly, and so I'm making the changes I've mentioned to bring us closer together, one of which is to put more of myself into my blog. For you, this could be tweaking your writing style to reflect more of your personality and character quirks, shooting more photos with you on the other side of the camera, writing more informal, chatty posts, or sharing more of your personal experiences.

Treat your blog like an extension of you, as after all, that's what makes it special and unique.


It may well seem counterintuitive but sometimes too much choice is too much choice. Doing a little bit of everything in a bid to please all can put a strain on your creativity, and leave you feeling stretched in all directions. (If of course this is exactly what you want to do, then by all means, as you were!)

The other day I was at the garden centre, choosing azaleas and roses for the garden. I'd gone with the distinct thought of pale, blush pink, but after perusing row upon row of shrubery, I started thinking 'ooh, what about that peachy shade? Or perhaps the frilly yellow ones? Or maybe white?'

OK enough with storytime, but you get my drift. Limiting your options can really help with your vision and your creative process, and get your idea's machine firing on all cylinders.



Whilst I blog for myself, and hold the final say when curating content for Barely There Beauty, I wouldn't be where I am without you, my lovely readers, whose opinions I hold in high esteem!

I think it can be really helpful to open the floor to your audience and find out what they enjoy most about your blog, what they'd like to see more of, and other questions of a similar ilk. I did pretty much exactly that last month (which is still accessible here if you fancy adding your two cents!) and it was so positively helpful - I'm quite excited to be sharing the results with you at the end of this month.


It's a process!

I think we bloggers can have it tough - trying to invent quality content around the clock, especially for those that post several times a week, or heaven forbid everyday!

Sure, we can buffer against the inevitable idea-drought (by banking post ideas in a notebook when the rains are full and heavy, or checking out lists like this one for inspiration), but every journey has it's peaks and troughs, every upward trend it's spikes and low points, so perhaps just giving yourself a little space and time, you might find that everything's sorted itself out by the time you return.

Case in point, my aesthetic, particularly on Instagram, is a bit disjointed and all over the place at the moment and of course it's affecting my inspiration and motivation but I'm giving myself the time for things to naturally form their course, whilst I figure out what I enjoy.

If you're feeling a bit 'meh' about your blog, I hope you've found these tips helpful. Let me know if you've any tips yourself, or if there's anything you're trying to get back your blogging mojo, I'd love to hear your thoughts!

And FYI, I intend to get right back into that thrice weekly schedule again from now, so thank you for your support in the meantime :)

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  1. This helped and inspired me so much babe!

    xx Lisa |

  2. Wonderful post, thank you! I had a moment like this not long ago, I did a complete rebrand and now I'm so happy with my content and can't stop myself from blogging haha.

    Alice | alicemaysnell

    1. I'm so glad you're in that place now! It's such a nice place to be :) xx

  3. This is a great post! It is easy to get sidelined with blogging and lose your motivation, so I love the points that you have here!

  4. I've been feeling the exact same lately, completely lacking the inspiration and motivation, so one day I just decided to take a little break which helped me a lot. I know I don't want to give up this hobby of mine that I've been working on for three years and appreciate everything that came with it, opportunities and amazing friends/readers.
    That is very helpful post, Jennifer! x

    Mummy's Beauty Corner

    1. So glad you found it helpful Dagmara, it seems like many of us have been feeling something similar lately. Hope you've regained a little motivation now! xx

  5. I felt this way the second half of the year and almost called it quits too. My husband told me to not give up because he knows I am deeply passionate about blogging and I think I'm finally back on track.

    1. That's so good to hear Shireen, it's hard not to fall off the rails a little, but glad you're feeling more positive xx

  6. this is so helpful! thank you xx

  7. Great post! I definitely go through lack of inspiration from time to time. Being on a no-buy, it feels like I have no content to post because I have nothing new to show. Rebranding was one thing that really helped me, and when I don't have ideas for new content, I like to update old content. These are great tips!

    Jenn │ Beauty by Jellybean

    1. Thanks Jenn! Completely know how you feel about the spending ban.. although I quite enjoy the challenge of coming up with new content without new products! xx

  8. I love reading this post my dear! It really made my think about what my goals are with my blog. For me it started as a platform to share my thoughts and experience because I couldn't find a lot of beautyblogs for people with oily skin. Nowadays it can feel as a pressure because some brands that are working with me have deadlines when they want to have a review online. I always tell them that I need a lot of time especially with skincare to write a review. Luckily they often understand it but sometimes when they don't I can't enjoy writing my post. They can be less personal but I always tell the truth if I dislike or love a product. I think I also have to make a poll like you did to ask the readers what they like to see and read, but I'm so afraid that no ones will leave theyr vote behind hahaah! Anywaye babe, great post!

    xx, An -

    1. Aw you should definitely do a survey if you want to An! I had so many lovely responses and I'm sure your readers will equally come up trumps :) Glad you enjoyed reading! xx

  9. I have been thinking this so much recently and there has been times when I have been close to deleting my blog all together, but I just think about how much effort I've put into it and I find some inspiration!

    Danielle xx

    1. It seems like a lot of us have felt similarly, but I'm glad you're feeling a little more positive about it now :) xx

  10. This was incredibly inspiring, thank you! I recently went through the exact same thing, even wondering if I should bother to continue. But again, like you, I love blogging! I can always tell when I'm going off track, when I start feeling like that. For me, it usually means I'm not being true to myself. I always do better when I inject my personality into posts, and I'm forthright, and wear my heart on my sleeve. I saved this to my Bloglovin' collection, for anytime I begin to feel that way again :)

    ~Laurali Star

    1. Your methods sound perfect, I definitely think it's a lack of connection with your blog that makes the inspo/motivation disappear. So glad you enjoyed reading lovely! xx

  11. I do find these tips useful! Thanks Jennifer! I've been blogging on and off for God's know how long and it's mainly because I was too perfectionist that my blog doesn't really reflect who I am. I'm so grateful I came accross this post it has surely help me to get a new perspective in blogging! :)


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