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26 April 2017 13 comments


S P R I N G T I M E ,   G R E E N E R Y   +   S L O W   L I V I N G

01. Lemon Ricotta Pancakes. // I posted about the recipe for these pancakes earlier in the month and boy, they're so utterly delicious, they've been really brightening my mornings! It really feels like I'm sitting down to dessert - in the best possible way. 

02. Pink Makeup. // I've never been much of a blush and lip person, always favouring skin and eyes over anything else, but I've slowly been incorporating the former, specifically in bright, peppy, pink shades, into my daily makeup and I must say I'm falling a little in love. There have even been occasion where I've really slapped the blush on and completely owned it, which is so unlike me! I've been all over cream and gel formulas as they just have a way of melding perfectly into your skin, so I'll share a few of my current favourites below:

03. Having No Plans. // We've been lucky recently, in the UK, to have days with such beautiful weather so early on in Spring, and it's been an utter treat to bask outside with the sun warming my back, with no plans whatever. I must make more time to have no plans, because it's absolute divinity. We spent time at F's family home the other weekend (it's vast and bounded by wisteria and cherry trees and feels like a little countryside haven) and it was just so lovely - pulling up benches to rest our tootsies, with a fine selection of cheeses to snaffle when peckish, bliss!

04. Spring Flora. // Honestly it's the best mood-lifter to see tulips, azalea and wisteria in full bloom. And waves of clematis tumbling up the walls. So Instagrammable! (Although let's not dwell on that too much as we're in the midst of this idiotic shadowbanning nonsense.. Has anyone else noticed a decrease in engagement? I have no idea what's going on!) We've an azalea in the garden that's literally teeming with vibrant, magenta blossom and it's absolutely gorgeous.

05. Avocado. // I think it's fair to say that this series of posts is going to contain a lot of food! My latest obsession is avocado. I say latest, even though I've been fond of the fruit for quite some time, because lately, I've been eating half, or a whole avocado every day! Some nice, crumbly oatcakes, topped with sliced avo, some crumbled, lemon-y goats cheese, chilli and some toasted pumpkin seeds. So moreish, I could eat them by the platter-load!

06. Streamlining Life. // It's taken me long enough to realise that I ought to own fewer possessions.. Although it was really laid out for me when I moved house and had to haul all of my 'humble estate' with me. Especially my skincare. I didn't appreciate just how much I have and just how much I fail to use.. I'll be doing a post in May with some updated skincare talk if you want to keep that one in your diary!

07. Becoming A Horticultural Goddess ;). // I am pretty notorious for killing plants. I sadly haven't taken after my mother who seems to have the Midas touch with flora and fauna, whereas I'm rather hopeless. My peace lily didn't take the move too well, I don't think it appreciated being hauled around, and looked really worse for wear, but I've managed to nurse it back to health with the help of a spray bottle and some timely reminders, and it's an immensely small matter but I'm immensely pleased with myself :)

08. Seeing F After His Business Trip. // This is rather self explanatory :) It's the most lovely feeling to see your familiar face after you've been apart. 

09. Feeling More Energised. // I'm a terrible sleeper, and constantly tired, and recently, I've felt I ought to make a greater effort in changing that. I posted about my 5 Tips For Starting (and sticking to) A Health Kick, one of which was cleaning up my sleep routine. I've been implementing 5 little, self-made rules and I've really started to feel the benefits. I'm feeling more energised during the day and it feels so good.

10. Bloggers. // I haven't had the time to catch up with my favourite blogs this month, but I came across Audrey's blog this month and it's certainly hard not to get caught up in it. Completely on-trend, minimal, de-saturated imagery, it's a beautifully curated piece of the internet.

I'd love to know what's made you happy this month :)

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