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8 February 2017 4 comments

Valentine's day is a bit of a funny one - you either love it, or love to hate it.

For the singleton, it might be about hunkering down into your padded duvet cell for the night and willing on the hours until Feb 15th finally arrives, or equally getting your best single ladies round for an opportunity to pooh-pooh any hint of romance, and drink a little too much wine.

F and I aren't that big into Valentine's I have to say. We've done the going out for a fancy dinner on the day and feeling like we're being bustled in and out of the restaurant so they can turn over tables, sitting among tides of other couples who are probably feeling exactly the same. And rather than have him buy me a beautiful bouquet that only lasts a week or so, we're getting each other little sentiments to fill our home, that will last forever (or near enough) - including some little 'pet' houseplants! (Good luck little guys, you're going to need it with my particular knack for plant neglect).

And if you're looking to do the same but hopelessly stuck for ideas when it comes to trinkets and treasures, then let me offer a few suggestions (I especially love the cards I found - so cute I can't even!):

And I'm intrigued, do you go all out with gifts and chocolates and flowers on Valentine's Day? Or do you snuggle in and appreciate the time together?

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