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5 February 2017 19 comments

Something I'm hoping to achieve in 2017 is buying fewer beauty products. I had a bit of a eureka moment last year when I moved house and had to find a new home for my collection, and I was pretty stunned at being confronted with not only how much I own, but what proportion of it inevitably gets forgotten about. So for 2017, I'm making a grave effort to spend less on beauty, and get my skincare and makeup collections down to a more manageable, minimalist size, so keep reading for my 8 top tips - and by all means join me in my spending-less programme!

C O N S O L I D A T E   Y O U R   C O L L E C T I O N

It's imperative to gather your makeup and skincare collection in one place to see exactly what you have, and if moving house like me doesn't force that upon you then it's time to block out a few hours in your diary for this task! I think it's important to store everything together if you can too, so that groups of beauty items don't start sprouting all over the house (I speak from experience..), and you can see what you own - which stops you accidently buying complete dupes (again, speaking from experience..). Clear storage like the Muji drawers are best for keeping your collection visible, holding you accountable at all times, and encouraging you to shop your stash. 

T H E   3 - P H A S E   C U L L

Once everything's out in front of you, it's time to begin my 3-phase cull. Firstly, toss out all items that have expired - that's a no brainer. If there are any items you haven't used or missed in the last 3 months then they can go too - these go in a 'friends & family' pile for me so they can go and find new homes. The last stage is to group together products and assess what you can part with. Do I really need 20 highlighters and 15 foundations? Frankly, yes, as they're some of my favourite elements of makeup. Do I however need 40 lipsticks? No. Prioritise what items you get most use from, or want to keep, and give away the rest. 

I N V E S T   O N L Y   I N   Y O U R   B E A U T Y   O B J E C T I V E S

Think about what it is you either want to achieve or enjoy most from your beauty regimes and invest in those items. For me, a priority is glowing, healthy skin, and I'm not so fussed about eye makeup or lipsticks for example, so a large proportion of my beauty budget goes towards skincare, base and highlighter. Once you've decided what it is you're prioritising, try going on a spending ban for anything that falls outside of your objectives. 

B U Y   C O L O U R S   A T   T H E   D R U G S T O R E

There are some items that last you through the years, regardless of what's on trend or what season it is - your favourite foundation for example. Then there are others that catch your eye at the time but are what I'd describe as 'non-classics' - like 'that' purple lipstick, that you might only wear for a season. You can save a whole bunch of cash here by buying 'trend-dependent' or otherwise shortlived items at the drugstore. I've really fallen in love with some of Rimmel's products for example, their Only One lipsticks, both matte and cream, are beautiful, their liquid liners are front and centre favourites, as is their shadow palette, and all of these items are under £10.

G O   O N   A   P R O J E C T   1 0   P A N

I can't quite remember where this idea originated, although I think it was back in the day when Buy Now Blog Later made Youtube videos, but similar notions have populated the web since. The idea is simple - you must use up or hit pan on 10 items before you're allowed to buy anything new. This is perfect for finishing up those items that are perfectly fine, but you've since upgraded to newer and shinier things, and with Spring on the horizon, it's the perfect time to get in an early clear out. 

U N S U B   &   D E L E T E

If you easily fall into temptation from the daily onslaught of tantalising emails promising shiny new sales, discounts or beauty offers then for heaven's sake delete them and unsub (I'm sorry Cult Beauty). These really are just another temptation you don't need. 

S T I C K   T O   A N   A L L O W A N C E

One way to curb your spending with sheer will alone, is to grant yourself a monthly allowance (and stick to it!). Whether by number of items or (perhaps more sensibly) monthly spend, strictly adhering to your new budget can save you a wad of cash, better spent on perhaps a getaway, or maybe a new camera, you get the picture. Let friends and family know and they can help you stay on track too.

D O N ' T   B U Y   F O R   Y O U R   B L O G

I think if you're a blogger, you'll know how many products slip through into your basket because you're buying them 'for your blog' - it's definitely something I do! And it's something I want to change, because I just don't need 10 toners and 12 cleansers and 9 facial oils that are all open and need using up. And I don't need to jump on the latest collections because I feel some inner need to blog about them. If you're feeling the pressure to constantly create new content with brand new items, then know that if people like you and your blog, they'll read regardless of how many new items you're buying a month. And if you need inspiration, head over to my Blog Post Ideas for 82 post ideas, the vast majority of which don't require additional spending!


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