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15 January 2017 6 comments


I like routines. And mornings are the perfect time to create a short ritual that can determine how the rest of your day goes and improve your life. I'm loving the spout of wellness posts I've been sharing recently, so here are some things I've been trying my utmost to stick to this year - I'm already seeing positive effects!


W A K E   U P   E A R L I E R

hate rushing in the morning. I love/need to have a relaxed, leisurely morning otherwise I push myself into being in a bad mood for later on. Waking up a little earlier to lay in bed and acclimatise just works so well for me - I feel so much less groggy after getting up.

D R I N K   Y O U R   L E M O N   W A T E R

Even after having seen this tip on every second Pinterest page, I've always been dubious about exactly how good for you drinking water with bits of lemon in it can be. Turns out very good, and something I now aim to do every morning - I try and drink a glass around 20 minutes after waking up. I've found it definitely makes me feeling less bloated for most of the day and actually seems to give me more energy.


E X E R T   Y O U R S E L F

I'm into the sun salutation it's official. Just a quick stretch out and a little exertion honestly makes me feel exponentially better than days I don't manage to squeeze a little exercise in. Even just 10 minutes gets me feeling more motivated for the day - which to me sounds like a really good exchange.

R U N   Y O U R   S H O W E R   H O T   T O   C O L D

If you can manage it, switching your water from hot to cold and back at the end of your shower really wakes you up and gets you feeling super invigorated - really, it works wonders if you're feeling sluggish and lacklustre. In conjunction, I love to use my Revive shower oil, which has a deliciously energizing herbally-grapefruit scent - perfect for supercharging my morning on a cold, January day.


E A T   A   N U T R I T I O N A L   B R E A K F A S T

Everything you've heard about breakfast being the most important meal of the day is true, so after my lemon water, stretch and shower, I'll pop downstairs to make myself a nutritional breakfast. Eating something full of nutrients, protein and with enough calories, for my first meal gives me so much energy for the day - although I also place a lot of importance on my enjoyment of breakfast. I think if you're fond of these 'trendy', uber healthy, low carb, Pinterest-worthy breakfasts, then all hail to you, but they personally make me a bit miserable. At the moment I'm loving a Korean snack-street foodstuff of vegetably omelette on toast - so delicious!

G I V E   Y O U R S E L F   A   M I N I   F A C I A L

I love to turn my morning skincare regime into a mini pamper session, just as an opportunity to add a little free luxury and happiness into my everyday life. As first mentioned in my Korean Skincare Acne Tips post, I only wash my face with water in the mornings, after which I'll follow up with some kind of spray toner. Whilst my skincare changes all the time, I'm completely loving (and using daily) my second bottle of the Real Radiance Mist which is one of the best facial mists I've tried. After letting that sink in, I've been following things up with firstly my Yuripibu serum (review here), then my Honey Flower Essence Oil (literally brilliant), finishing with my Purlisse SPF (review here). I feel like the sum of these four products is greater than their already excellent parts - my skin feels super plump and hydrated even in this horrible weather, and without using oils in the daytime.


P O S I T I V E   A F F I R M A T I O N S

To get myself in the right mindset for the day, I like to finish off my morning routine with a couple of little mindfulness practises, firstly by saying or writing down some positive affirmations. Something like just telling yourself you're going to make some positive changes today, that it's going to be a good day, that you're going to be productive and not procrastinate, that you're going to be motivated, or being aware of things you're grateful for helps to harbour a little positivity to start the day.

C H E C K   Y O U R   G O A L S

I mentioned creating short and longer term goals in my 7 Ways To Start 2017 Off Right post so the last step of my morning routine is to remind myself of these goals, and also my to-do list, to help focus my mind on what I aim to achieve today. Just a quick daily reassessment does the wonder of good!

What are your morning essentials?

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  1. I always make sure that I wake up really nice and early, have a pint of water and then go on a nice long walk with my dog. It just really wakes me up!

    Danielle xx

  2. I also hate rushing in the morning, it just sets my day off to such a stressful start. I've always heard loads about lemon water but never actually tried it! I'll start introducing some into my routine :) xx

    Frances Kayleigh

  3. I really wish my morning could be a relaxing time, but with a 5 year old to get out the door for school and me to get ready for college it just never happens :( Will need to take some of your advice though!

    Erin || MakeErinOver

  4. I always give myself a mini facial each time I wash my face and take extra care about my appearances. I feel that I feel good when I look good.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  5. Ok so I also hate rushing in the morning but I always end up rushing in the mornings hahahaha. I hate the vicious cycle! I try to get to bed at a decent time but when I work late and end up eating dinner late (sobs) it gets a bit harder to get round adjusting and finally snoozing off. I do love me my lemon + ginger drink in the morning as well, and ginger really helps me with any digestion problems. I've been drinking it for years, and used to have really really bad stomach problems so I can vouch for it!

    I'd love to try the cold shower at the end but our bathroom is already chilly with the draft I don't think I can bear it. Maybe in a warmer and nicer flat, ha.

    Cherie ✽ sinonym

  6. I have just stumbled upon this post on time. I'm planning a busy day tomorrow but I want to make the most of it. I didn't know lemon water could be that good, I'll definitely give it a try tomorrow's morning as well :) Thanks for sharing! X

    | |


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