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18 January 2017 10 comments


Every girl needs a 5-minute look in their arsenal when time is 'of the essence' (read - you drastically overslept and the chap is coming to get you asap!). This has been my go-to selection of products I instinctively reach for when I need to look polished, preened and put together, and it looks like I've spent a lot longer on my makeup than a mere 5 minutes.


When I'm really strapped for time, and there's no time for my proper morning skin routine, I reach for my tried and true, multitasking skincare bits to prime, hydrate and perfect in just the couple of steps. I only really realised how hydrating my Yuripibu serum (review here) is when I stopped using it, so that's my no-brainer first step. No matter how rushed I am, I refuse to skip my SPF if I'm going out. I love both my Purlisse Daily Moisturiser (SPF 30 and review here) and my Verso Day Cream (SPF 15) for their wonderfully smooth, voluminous texture that plumps up my skin and leaves it radiant and healthy looking.

Burberry's Nude Radiance has been a key element to the 'fresh faced' part of my makeup. I talked about it in my Best Of Burberry Beauty post here but it's the silky texture and teeny tiny shimmer particles in this that make it so special. I'll apply a little bit underneath foundation, quite broadly, on areas I want highlighted and it imparts a beautiful sheen that's imperceptible once I've got the rest of my makeup on - it just makes my skin look super healthy and radiant, I urge you to try it if you haven't already.

You can't beat a cushion foundation for speed and I'm spoilt for choice, but it's my Troipeel H+ cushion (review here) that's featuring front and centre for me lately. It's really quite pigmented so I just apply in areas that I need it. This stuff is such a saviour when I'm in a hurry as it applies and blends beautifully, and whilst it's not fully matte, I don't need to powder it.


The Radiance Reveal concealer from Bourjois makes all the difference to quickly highlight and spot conceal. I just swoop a teeny bit onto the darkest part of my undereye circles and it's forgiving enough to blend out seamlessly with either fingers or the airpuff from my foundation.

Chanel's Joues Contraste's are some of my favourite blushes, especially for a speedy makeup (and I think they've become forgotten amidst some of the newer launches) - they're generally delicately pigmented so you really can't go wrong. I swirl my brush liberally (into Alezane this time, which I adore - massively undderated) and it doesn't seem to matter how I apply it, it ends up looking flawlessly blended and natural.


For highlighter I've three options and it's really whatever I notice first that makes the cut - they're all beautiful. I've had a bit of a hiatus from Stila's Kitten highlighting duo (having just completely forgotten I owned the thing) but now that we're reunited, I'm back in love. I just use the same brush as above (currently the Nars Yachiyo) to swirl both colours together and blend just onto my cheekbones as Burberry's Nude Radiance takes care of the rest of my face - teamwork! My two newer foolproof favourites are the New Look Baked highlighter that's really as smooth and even and gorgeous as the Laura Mercier Matte Radiance, and H&M's Glow To Go cream highlighting stick - which I think is exceptional for the price. Both are nude-y pinks that give the softest sheen, blend effortlessly and look amazing on the skin.

No time for eye makeup! So it's just a quick obligatory curl with my No7 lash curler, which I find is shaped really well, and a few licks of Burberry's Cat Lashes mascara. I mentioned this in my Best Of Burberry post and I'm completely enamoured with it.


Even though I'm sacrificing eyeshadow to get my skin looking really healthy and put together in the little time I have, I feel a little brow work is neccessary (especially as I have a scar in mine that really needs filling in). I always find that brows are really easy to overdo, especially if you're heavy handed with a dark or pigmented product, which is why I'm plumping for MAC's Omega shadow (you can see how well loved mine is) - the perfect cool-toned taupe that I can quickly brush through my brows in a jiffy. I've also been loving Tony Moly's Silky Touch Brow - very affordable, great shades and give a fab result.

My final touch, that I'll apply as I'm stepping out of the door (or frankly. in the car), is my Burberry First Kiss. Although marketed as more of a balm-gloss, this is in fact really hydrating, moisturising, comfortable to wear and not in the slightest sticky. Soft Peach goes on pretty clear but there are four other shades available should something a little more tinted be your fancy.

And that's it. It seems like a lot of steps when written down (!) but that's likely due to my waffle-y tone - this actually takes me just the 5 minutes because of the effortless nature of the products I've chosen!


What are your five minute face essentials?

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  1. omg jen i can't with people who actually do their makeup in under 5 mins. i don't care how late i am, i will spend half an hour to do my face. i refuse to go out before drawing my eyebrows so kudos! and i love the highlighters you mentioned. so so gorgeous.

  2. I would serioudly struggle to do all of my make-up in 5 minutes!! Even with these wonderful product, my eyebrows take me five minutes alone! although if I just ran some brow gel through them I think I could just about make this work! xx

    Frances Kayleigh | Beauty Fashion Lifestyle

  3. So many things I want in this post. I personally love the Burberry fresh glow :) Gives my skin a great moisture boost in the morning. My favourite product that helps me achieve glowing skin is my Nars Sheer glow foundation topped with my Hourglass dim light powder which achieves such a luminous finish.

    Great post and photography.
    Have a lovely day ♥

    Ying | * Y i n g c b e a u t y *

    X x X x X

  4. I love the Chanel blushes, they are so stunning and just look so pretty on the skin!

    Danielle xx

  5. Absolute perfection! It sounds great for a quick look, I gravitate towards the same type of products when I'm in a rush. I totally fell in love with that Stila duo, I don't think I had ever seen it before. x

    | |

  6. Gorgeous photos as always! ❤ Sunscreen is a must have for me, and my La Roche Posay one is hydrating enough to skip the moisturizer if need be. Cushions are amazing for quick applications, though I wish they had a wider range of colors!

    Jenny // Geeky Posh

  7. Beautiful photographs and recap! Loved reading this, I wonder why I am still not using anything 'cushion' :D


  8. Lovely photos and makeup. I would love to try everything here!!! Especially that cushion foundation. Love that you have a mix of Western and Asian products.

    Samantha Series

  9. I keep hearing great things about the Bourjois Radiance Reveal concealer, if I am able to find my shade, I will definitely try it out! I also need a new eyelash curler so I keep in mind the N°7 one! Love the photos as well :)

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