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18 December 2016 9 comments


I did say I wouldn't be doing a red lip this Christmas...

And I'm technically keeping my word because I've got another look coming up very shortly that's something a little different - but today I'm sticking to just about every Christmas Makeup cliche - a classic red lip and pin up eye #sorrynotsorry!


After a generous helping of Banila Co Flower Honey Essence Oil (so good) as a primer/glow-giver, I'm using Nars Sheer Glow to even out my skin (it actually feels pretty full coverage after using BB creams and glowy cushions for the entirety of summer and autumn!) and block out any redness that might be brought out by my lip colour of choice. My Bourjois concealer is my go-to lately, it really behaves like a high end product for me. I'm powdering, both for longevity and to get a seamless blend with my cheek products later, with the Dior Nude Air loose powder which I've absolutely been loving using. It's one of those magical powders that fills in pores and fine lines and makes you look airbrushed - I actually compared it to La Prairie's powder in store the other day and they're utterly comparable - a chance to save some dolla'! For cheeks I'm just using a little of my favourite Innisfree contour shade and Burberry's Earthy blush for some natural shadow and Rosie For Autograph's loose highlighter which is just gorgeous - you all need to go out and get this one.


I'm usually a gold-over-silver girl, but this year has seen me favour the cool tones of pewters, greys and gun metals, so a silvery eye it is. I'm smudging a little of No7's Metallic Eyes pencil along the lash line and outer corners for a base/some depth. No7's Pewter Shine is a beautiful metallic grey with a warmth to it that makes it uber flattering to wear - it's one best tapped in with fingers. Obligatory winged liner time and I'm using Rimmel's liquid liner, which if you read my Scandaleyes Reloaded Range post, you'll know is excellent. Just some Burberry mascara (yes maaaaam, this is excellent) and some lashes because it's Christmas and more is more.

S H O P   T H E   P O S T

There are countless red lipsticks around - and picking just one is quite the task, but, as it's impressed me so much, I'm plumping for Rimmel's The Only One Matte in Take The Stage this year. This red is a firmly neutral, primary red with lots of zing and a great formula. Not too matte, really comfortable, even, rich pigment and long lasting, it's the obvious choice to get you through Christmas - and all at a steal of a price. I then went in with a little bit of Rosie's LOL lipstick just in the centre of the lip for some subtle dimension, not a necessary step but adds a pretty detail.


Well this makeup turned out to be rather drugstore friendly! On my hair, all I have on is 5 drops of the Grow Gorgeous Strengthening Oil (you can read my review here - I love this stuff!) and have otherwise left it air-dried, wild and free.

What makeup look will you be sporting this Christmas?

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