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22 December 2016 12 comments

For my second holiday look, I thought I'd veer slightly from the classic, pin up look and red lip that you'll have seen in my Classic Christmas Makeup post and go for something a little different - this is what I'm planning to sport for New Year's Eve! And want to know what my dress and shoes are? I've rarely spoken about fashion so far on BTB (except for my party dress picks for this holiday season here!) but today's post comes complete with my chosen outfit segment too!

I wanted to go really light, fresh and glowy with my base so I'm starting off with one of my Purlisse sheet masks, which I've just talked about along with a bunch of their skincare in this post. The masks are a great one to use before makeup as they've got a noticeable brightening effect. After patting in the excess, I'm using Burberry's Nude Radiance, like a primer, in areas I'd like highlighted. Using this under makeup is just sublime I can't get enough of it. I'm using my IOPE cushion to even out my skintone and give me that incredibly natural finish I love to favour. After the lightest dusting of my Dior loose powder, I'm adding a teensy bit of subtle shading and warmth with my Ambient palette - these powders just make your skin look incredible. I'm going in with two highlighters (because more is more) I've not mentioned before, starting off with this cream stick from H&M. This beautiful champagne-pink is so stunning. To set that and add more creamy shine, I'm using my baked highlighter from New Look. I can't say enough about these two drugstore highlighters, they're both smooth, even, gorgeous in both colour and texture - they're affordability is just a bonus!

Whilst the last look was all pewter shine, this time I'm sticking to the most simple of looks using my Lolita palette - especially the opalescent shade to the right of centre, it really brightens and opens my eyes. One little trick I've enjoyed lately is 'topcoat' my eye look with a little swish of Radiant Light - it helps to mesh cooler tones in with my warm skintone. Just a flourish of Burberry mascara and my mink-y lashes completes the eyes - you could add a little of Charlotte Tilbury's Eye Cheat on the waterline as it's not too stark or brash.

For lips I have two options. I'm wholly tempted to call it a day with my Burberry gloss-balm as it's so low maintenance and I actually get pleasure from applying and reapplying it - the applicator is a wonderfully cooling, ceramic number. However, Rimmel have thrown me a spanner in the works by sending over a couple of their Provocalips 16 hr wear lipsticks. Supposedly 'kiss-proof' I thought 'no way.' but these things are magical. Top off the matte, liquid colour with the waxy, balm-like top coat and not only does it turn your matte lip into a beautiful, creamy, smooth lipstick look, but it's legitimately budge-proof. I was kissing my other half, chugging water like a trooper - Nothing. At. All. It's witchcraft I'm telling you. But the kind of witchcraft that is absolutely welcome for the night out that you need your bold, bright lip to stay perfect.

S H O P   T H E   M A K E U P

Blush Cutout Dress // Lace Up Block Heels

Onto the outfit. I love this structured, overlay dress with all of it's cutout detail. A little above the knee, in the gorgeous blush shade I can't get enough of lately, it looks like it ought to be a lot more expensive than it is! Paired with some tassle-tastic lace-up block heels and I'm ready for the night!

S H O P   T H E   L O O K

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