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20 November 2016 38 comments

I haven't done a single-makeup-collective post since my Favourite Neutral Fall Lippies here, and as well as loving reading these kinds of roundup posts on other blogs, I do love an excuse to get stuck into making a more-is-more flatlay! I've got a bumper crop of autumn-appropriate eyewear for you today so grab a blanket and get comfortable (snacks advised).

A few things I wanted to mention - Firstly, I haven't included too many palettes as I'm particularly fussy about them (as well as the usual criteria, I need to like every colour, am fussy about packaging and size, don't like cardboard, don't like bulky, and most importantly don't like small pans that contain very little product and are difficult to use) and generally prefer single shadows. Secondly, I often talk about expensive things on my blog, so I've made an effort to keep everything below £30, and hopefully have some products you may not have previously considered.

Charlotte Tilbury Eyes To Mesmerize in Marie Antoinette £22 | Described as an 'antique oyster gold', I think this colour is sensational. I only picked it up fairly recently but it's already become a mainstay in any simple but put-together look for me. With a mix of cooler beige-gold tones and a warm pinkish-copper undertone, it's flattering for everyone and a shadow you can't go wrong with.

Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Gel Sparkle in Sunlit Bronze £21 | Aside from the colour, I love the versatility of this product. The more you sheer it out and blend, the more the warm, amber sparkle comes to the fore. If you're pushed for time on an evening, you can blend this all over the lid, then reapply with a liner brush close to the lashline to add richness and definition.

Charlotte Tilbury Colour Chameleon in Dark Pearl £19 | You'll notice there's a fair amount of Charlotte Tilbury in this post and for good reason - not only are her formulations excellent, but I love the complexity of her eye colours. Dark Pearl is a dark taupe-y mauve with brown/plum undertones and a glint of rose gold/pale pink shimmers in the light. This one isn't as glittery as some of the other shades in the range and is completely effortless and steadfast to wear - definitely a must for autumn.

Rosie For Autograph Palette £25 | I can't help myself but include this gorgeous palette in this post - and you can win it, along with some other goodies, here in my Autumn Beauty Giveaway! The mulberry shade, Velvet Rose, in particular is gorgeous - have a look on my Insta at it on my eyes.

No7 Smoothing Eyeshadow in Pewter Shine £8 | More cream shadow, and this one is the most gorgeous colour - somewhere between a soft metallic grey and taupe, with a soft, souffle-like texture. It's not as budgeproof as some of the best formulations but I've found it best tapped over a powder shadow base using your fingers - the colour is such a winner.

Charlotte Tilbury The Huntress £29 | When I first bought this almost a year ago, I have to say I wasn't keen on the colour, but the olivine tones and dark smokeyness has definitely grown on me since then. I find this is one of those unusual, non-dupeable shades and perfect for a more unique smokey eye, and whilst it's not the easiest to pick up online, you can still get it at CT Covent Garden.

Coastal Scents eyeshadow in Rich Walnut $3 | Here is the ultimate bargain of the lot and I bet you many haven't tried it. A beautiful mix of burgundy, brown and plum, the colour is deep and rich, pigmented and smooth and is definitely worth more than it's minimal price tag.

Laura Mercier Caviar Eye Stick in Rose Gold & Amethyst £23 | If you're looking for high end cream shadow sticks, you can't go far wrong with Laura Mercier. Their Caviar Eye Sticks are long-wearing and creamy, and fully reliable. My favourite shades are Amethyst, a cool toned mauve-y taupe with plummy undertones, and Rose Gold, a bright, champagne-peach kind of rose gold.

MUA Luxe Palette in Enrapture £6 | It's a joy to find this Hourglass knockoff is a mere £6. The Enrapture palette (the darker of two available shades), has a beautiful mix of muted purpley shades - another great one for a smokey eye. The formula on these are pigmented and incredibly soft and buttery, they're almost mouldable like putty and possibly a teeny bit too soft for an embossed palette like this - you've got to appreciate the gorgeous waves on it though.

Kiko Long Lasting Stick Shadow in 37 Burgundy and 06 Golden Brown £6.90 | If you're after an affordable cream shadow stick then I think these by Kiko are as good as they come. As long lasting as the name might suggest, they don't budge once on the lids and give intense, opaque pigmentation, which you can sheer out should you so wish. Burgundy is a beautiful plummy wine colour that works really well over a black base.

Kiko Water Shadows £8.90 | For their drugstore pricing, these shadows are smooth, buttery, super pigmented and as metallic as you'd wish. You can use them wet or dry, and they foil really well - shade 213 Dark Slate Green isn't my usual choice but an incredibly pretty blackened green with green, golden and teal shimmer that's well worth checking out!

M&S Strobing Eye Tint in Rose £8 | The packaging of these have since changed but my thoughts on the contents are still the same. A gorgeous, iridescent wash of colour, the Rose shade is coppery and warm and looks particularly delicious on green or hazel eyes.

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