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6 November 2016 55 comments


I fairly recently hit 2K on my Instagram and what with my recent birthday too, I feel in the mood for giving. For today's post I just want to say a huge thank you for the love and support I get here and on my Insta - some of the kinds of comments I get are really overwhelming and completely make my day, especially about my photography, it's something I really love doing and it's amazing to hear you love it too. To show my appreciation, I'm giving away a few of my current favourite things - including this stunner of a palette that I've been wearing non stop.

R O S I E   F O R   A U T O G R A P H   P A L E T T E

I reviewed this in full recently (which you can check out here), and think it's just the most divine palette. 6 eyeshadows, plus a bronzer, highlight and blush, all of the shades are gorgeous, wearable and great quality. I know Rosie For Autograph makeup isn't easily available outside of the UK so I wanted to give the opportunity for those of you elsewhere to get your hands on it!

Although the palette is the focus, I wanted to throw in a few other goodies, in the form of...


C O S R X   G A L A C T O M Y C E S   S E R U M   &   A H A   B H A   T O N E R

These two bottles of wonder are my favourite from the Cosrx line - I've talked about how incredible I find the AHA BHA Toner in this post with Before & After's. It really helps with acne, scarring and pigmentation whilst being the most gentle of formulas, I'm completely in love. The serum has an excellent formula, predominantly made of the same stuff as SKII's Facial Treatment Essence, and bolstered with niacinamide, Vitamin B5 and adenosine. It hydrates, brightens and contributes to anti aging, is suitable for all skin types and is one of my powerhouse favourites. 


E S S I E   C H O C O L A T E   C A K E S   &   A U T O G R A P H   M E L B A   B L U S H

Reddened brown shades and nudey pinks have been my utter favourites during this autumn and the tone of Chocolate Cakes is just perfection. Blush Melba is a pretty springlike peachy, pastel pink - I adore the formula of the Autograph Argan polishes, they're probably the smoothest polishes I've ever tried. 


R I M M E L   S C A N D A L E Y E S   R E L O A D E D   M A S C A R A S   &   L I N E R S 

I reviewed these in this post and fell in love with the liners - they really compete with Stila and Tom Ford, aka my all time, unchallenged favourites. I actually received two packages from Rimmel so, as I love the liners so much, am throwing the second bunch into this giveaway - you'll be receiving the two liquid liners and two mascaras.

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E X T R A   I N F O

This giveaway is international and will run until midnight (GMT) on the 7th December 2016 - just in time for Christmas! At the end of the giveaway, I'll be contacting the winner via email (and social media if applicable) - they then have 48 hours to accept the goodies, otherwise I'll be choosing a secondary winner. As with my previous giveaway, if there are any issues sending the nail polishes overseas, I'll be sending Rosie For Autograph lipsticks in your choice of colours instead!

Thank you again and good luck! 

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