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4 November 2016 20 comments


I'm really choosy with lipsticks - I'm desperately fussy with how things feel on my lips and I can't abide a bad formula, meaning I definitely lean towards high end lip products. The only drugstore lipsticks I've deemed worthwhile so far are the Essence Long Lasting lipsticks and Rimmel's The One One, and today we're playing with Rimmel's new launch - the matte counterpart to The Only One range, with nine shades to choose from. I've got all of them to swatch and try on for you so let's see if they stand up to the test!



These claim to be an all-in-one, no compromise lipstick - a velvet-matte finish with all day staying power, moisture, comfort and a punch of colour. Right off the bat, the packaging is somewhat uninspiring - red, plastic tubes (they sound like wooden pegs, jostling around together) that just don't give me the same buzz as high end packaging does, although I appreciate that these cost a mere £7, whilst say Tom Ford will set you back £38. I was initially disappointed to see that the bullet has no pointed tip, and that the lipsticks are cylinders that have been spliced off at an angle, but actually I thoroughly enjoy the shape of the cross section - the nice, sharp edge makes getting around the cupids bow really easy, and you don't need to use liner if you don't want to. There's one thing I most definitely dislike about these lipsticks and that's the smell. It's a really odd, chemically raspberry scent with a minty flourish that makes me feel a bit queasy. Fortunately it dissapates once on the lips to the point I don't notice it anymore but swatching my arm up for the photos below consequently wasn't the most pleasant experience..



Onto colours (that's what we're all really interested in right?) - all 9 shades swatch beautifully, super smooth, opaque and pigmented, but on the lips, I found there to be some discrepancy in formula between the shades. Over half worked really well for me - creamy, smooth, even, just as the swatches, long lasting, velvet-matte and non drying. The remainder are a little wetter and more patchy, and not quite hitting the mark. Let's start with the good..


700 Trendsetter - A pigmented, midtoned nude. There's a mixture of brown, peach and rosy pink undertones to this one and I actually find it extremely flattering as it's almost identical to my natural lip colour. Great for those looking for a nude that won't wash them out.

750 Look Who's Talking - A chocolate-y reddened brown (pretty much identical to Essie's Chocolate Cakes nail polish). This shade isn't quite as dry in formula as some of the best shades, meaning it comes off more sheen-y, although the colour is still nice and even in pigment, and still lasts as long on the lips. It's on the cusp of being great in terms of formula but I love the colour.

610 High Flyer - A mid to deep rosy pink that still has a little brightness. I find this a really complexion lifting colour, it's supremely flattering in tone and shade and really does something for my skin, especially when paired with some blush. Another one with fantastically smooth and even pigment.

500 Take The Stage - A true red. Neither cool, nor warm toned, this classic red shade arguably has the best formula of the bunch. Super smooth, even, pigmented and creamy, it's not drying nor piece-y in texture, it's a top notch matte lipstick, this shade definitely rivals high end equivalents.

810 The Matte Factor - A deep berry shade, this one is gorgeous. It's not too dark and vampy, still retaining some brightness to the colour. Definitely a winner for fall/autumn, and the formula is great - - although I had a little trouble trying to get this shade to stick to the inner part of my lips.

120 Call The Shots - A bright yet flattering pink with warm undertones and a corally pop. This isn't a colour I tend to reach for but the formula is among the good ones.

And now onto the few I wasn't so keen on..


110 Leader Of The Pink - A bright, 'Barbie' pink. I probably found this to be the worst shade for me. I find the colour too opaque for a pink like this and it was really patchy on my lips - compare it to Take The Stage and the difference is obvious. It didn't want to layer over itself, so overall, a big miss from me!

200 Salute - A pinkish nude. Somewhere in between Trendsetter and Leader Of The Pink, I found that this one applied pretty patchy, even though it's not too far in shade from Trendsetter, the formula was a lot more difficult to work with.

800 Run The Show - A vibrant, violet purple (these kind of colours don't suit me at all!). This immediately reminds me of MAC Violetta, I'd be interested to get them side by side for a comparison. Purple's seem to be notoriously difficult formulas to perfect and although this swatches beautifully on my hand/arm, it's a little patchy on the lips. The try on below was with the same slapdash application as all of the other shades (no lipbrush, no liner, straight from the bullet - because I'm never going to fuss with those things IRL) but this one doesn't want to apply as smoothly on top of itself so a little more effort is required. I've since tried it with a lip brush and it's much better, I also find it works better if your lips are completely dry.



If you're looking for a good matte lippie at drugstore pricing, I'd definitely recommend checking these out - you can pick them up here at Boots and Superdrug, and a big thank you to Rimmel for allowing me to play with these! What are your favourite shades??


P.S Have you seen the new Rimmel liners and mascara?

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