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25 August 2016 7 comments


1. Chanel Le Teint Ultra Tenue Compact Foundation | I'm so happy that Chanel are releasing some new foundations, as I really didn't think a lot of their Healthy Beiges foundation we had over the summer period. I actually really enjoy powder foundations, if they're good, and I have high hopes for this one as I adore Chanel powder formulas - a lot. It comes in 13 shades, which I think is pretty good going.

2. Chanel Le Teint Ultra Tenue Liquid Foundation | If matte isn't so much your thing, there's a liquid version that promises to give you the same, flawless coverage and finish you're looking for. This one comes in 16 shades.

3. LOV Iconyx Eyeshadow Palette | This is for those of you on the continent - well, specifically Germany. How much does it look like the Hourglass eyeshadow palettes?! Fortunately for you guys though, this is a drugstore brand, meaning prices are going to be super affordable.

4. Dior Capture Totale Cushion Foundation | Obviously not content with Lancome and YSL bringing out a cushion, Dior have launched their own in the Capture Totale Dreamskin range. Infused with their skincare, and with the obligatory SPF 50+++, this retails at £60 - I'm really intrigued to see if it really warrants that price tag!

5. Kevyn Aucoin Bloodroses Palette | There are a lot of eyeshadow palettes in this edition.. and the first is this gorgeous jewel toned number from Kevyn Aucoin. I love the warm, pinkish theme to the shades and knowing Kevyn Aucoin, the formula is going to be just as sumptuous.

6. Cle De Peau Eye Colour Quad in Stellar Gaze | Not new to the market but these quads from Cle De Peau have been lingering on my wishlist for a little while now and I'm popping them into this edition in case you haven't seen them! Although they come in a number of shades, Stellar Gaze is a gorgeous array of golds and purpley tones that I can't ignore.

7. Charlotte Tilbury Dreamy Look Eyeshadow Palette | I'm always excited when there's something new from Charlotte Tilbury makeup, and the latest is this gorgeous eyeshadow palette containing 4 light, shimmery shades, including both warm and cool tones - that pinky shade in the top left looks ridiculously pretty.

8. Urban Decay Naked Ultimate Basics Palette | I haven't been that excited about any of the Naked palettes frankly, but this new release seems like a really versatile, basics palette, full of matte shades with varying undertones, and including a couple of gorgeous warm, orangey, burgundy shades so I'm really excited about this one!

9. Diptyque Lip Balm | Diptyque have added a couple of new items to their skincare range, and I'm a sucker for lipbalms, so this immediately caught my eye. Whether it's any good or not, it's hard to resist the fully-instagrammable packaging right?

10. Tom Ford Lip Contour Duo | Love love love the concept of these. Another travel friendly and multifunctional product (I love their double ended correcting pen), these lip products come with a liner/shaper in one end with a creamy lipstick in the other. Available in 8 shades, I can't wait to try Show It Off.

11. Fresh Vitamin Nectar Face Mask | I've seen this doing the rounds on Instagram and I want it! A glucose based face mask chock full of citrus extracts to brighten and exfoliate skin, this is exactly the kind of mask I lust after, so really excited to try this one out.

12. Diptyque Infused Face Oil | Another item from the new additions at Diptyque, this face oil is infused with rose and rose petals, much like the Neogen rose cleanser that I've fallen a little in love with. Rose seems to work really well with my skin, and I can't pretend that I'm not attracted to the aesthetics of this bottle..

Alright I'm stopping there before my list snowballs into a silly length! Let me know, what's on your current wishlist?!

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  1. That urban decay palette looks gorgeous! I can't wait :) x

    Everything But The Kitchen

  2. There are so many new releases and I don't know which one to check first! I wish it was easier to get hold of Fresh products, there are so many I want to try! x

    Ela BellaWorld

  3. I. . .really thought that was an Hourglass compact! How crazy is that?! Have they gotten hit with any complaints?? I've actually never heard of the brand before.
    Tempted to try the Chanel foundations but I've fallen so deeply in love with my Nars matte one. Chanel has such dreamy packaging though!


    michenn Ole Henriksen Skincare Review

  4. Great picks! That Charlotte Tilbury quad palette looks gorgeous, the shades seem perfect for the upcoming AW months. The lipstick addict in me is also super intrigued by that Tom Ford release, definitely something to add to my own wish list!

    Toni x

  5. I reeeeeeeally want a CT palette! xx


  6. £60 for that foundation?! Thats a huge step up from their others, I'm rather shocked at that from Dior. Definitely would like to try it but I don't think I'd invest in such a pricy base haha!

    Iqra | The Blushing Giraffe x


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