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2 September 2016 5 comments


As you'll well know from my photography style - I. Love. Fresh. Flowers. I'm forever buying bunches at markets, or picking a bounty of hand cut blooms from the garden, just having them in the room brightens my day and lifts my mood.


 So when Blossoming Gifts reached out, offering to allow me to choose a bouquet for review, I was as thrilled as can be, dropping what I was doing to hop straight onto their website. A relatively new, British brand, they're exactly the type of company I like to support.

I know we all want to skip forward to photos of the flowers! A big bunch of Bubblegum Pink Avalanche Roses, whose pale pink hue were set off beautifully with a few sprigs of greenery - completely loving the subtle, simplicity of this bouquet.





Obviously imperative to the whole nature of this kind of service is the packaging, and my flowers arrived gently but firmly secured within a large box. Inside, they're double wrapped in a cellophane-like paper, alongside a courtesy box of Belgian choccies - yum.

The flowers arrived pretty open, whereas I'd perhaps imagined them to be more bud-like. This means they may not last quite as long (mine only lasted around 4-5 days but our house is full of glass and rather greenhouse-ish so you should get a good week in a more normal environment) but it also means that you're not having to try and guess how many days in advance you'd need them to arrive, to be in a perfect stage of opening for an event or occasion. My roses were a bit crinkled and starting to brown around the edges but the enclosed info guide does state to remove the guard petals, which leaves them looking fresh, blousy and in excellent condition.



I'm overjoyed with this bunch of blooms. They're a simple arrangement in a lovely shade of delicate pink, and the heads are a generous size - and who doesn't love big, lavish roses?

A couple of other things I really like, the first being the delivery process. There are a number of options on the website, most of which are next day delivery - and this includes Sundays - a big tick. There's free delivery, as well as the choice to have them arrive pre12pm the next morning, so I like the versatility there. The packaging also gets a thumbs up from me. The plain white cellophane is simple, chic and lets the flowers shine.

My bouquet is priced at £34.99, although Blossoming Gifts have been lovely enough to indulge us with the discount code BGIFTS33 for 33% off - so let's all chant together - thank you!

Why not treat a loved one, if not yourself, to a bunch? With 1/3 off, you'll almost certainly see some more Blossoming Gifts blooms in my future photos!

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