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29 March 2016 14 comments


When it comes to dewy, radiant, exceptional skin, I've got to argue that Korean's just do it best. 촉촉 (chok chok) or 'moist' is a korean phrase given to that ridiculously hydrated, eternally young, baby-face skin that, Koreans (and I) rate so highly. Obviously some time and a well-honed skincare routine is the foundations to getting your skin looking this good, which I'm going to address in a separate post, but today I'm sharing with you some Korean tips and my favourite makeup products to achieve the 촉촉 look, have a peek!


First off let's clarify my objectives here, 촉촉 is not shimmery, nor oily, nor sweaty, it's dewy, like fresh dew on grass, and I've chosen my favourite products that make this last all day on my combo skin.

Primer | A luminous primer is the first step to achieving 촉촉 skin. My Etude House Beauty Shot Face Blur instantly brightens my complexion with it's pale pink hue and really smooths over my pores to make everything look more seamless, it kinda looks like I've been photoshopped?! Y'all need to check this one out.

Base | Whilst with some other steps I'd say you could substitute in western products (like I'm going to be doing further down), for the keystone of the whole makeup look, I'd invest in a Korean foundation, I promise you won't regret it! For my combination skin that's currently erring on the side of oily (also because I'm not going to be setting this with powder) I'm going to be using two of my favourite base products that provide a natural finish.

Holika Holika's Petit Aqua Jelly BB is a jelly base (it literally wobbles) that makes you look positively beautiful and radiant but somehow keeps oil production at bay, I don't know how this is so inexpensive yet so good (there's a full review waiting in the wings!). With a light but present coverage, I bounce this all over with a damp sponge before using my IOPE Air Cushion XP in C21 (review here) rather like a concealer to add extra coverage where I need it. Remember to press press press rather than swipe! This is another product I wax lyrical about, it's well worth investing in if you like a youthful finish, it looks perfect on both young and aging skin. If you need extra coverage, something really comfortable and in keeping like the Etude House Cushion Concealer would be perfect to dab onto blemishes/under the eyes.

At this point, we should be seeing a bouncy skin texture that looks full of hydration!

Blush | Blush in Korea is to enliven the face, carry on the youthful-skin-look and give a natural flush. This means a subtle and diffused application that's well blended, dewy but not shimmery. A cushion blush like this one from IOPE would be fantastic here but I can't resist using my Chanel Les Beiges gel stick in No.21. I draw on faint splodges a little further back on my cheeks, almost where you would think to apply highlighter, and blend blend blend until it's really sheered out.

Highlight/Contour | Again, these steps are so far removed from western ideals! Highlight is soft, gentle and with very little shimmer. Contour is skipped altogether or more of a general cheek warming up, but with an awfully delicate hand. My top tip here is to make your own gel products! I take half a pump of my Laneige Water Bank Essence (an absolute skincare winner) on the back of my hand and mix in a heavy pass of Innisfree's Face Designing Duo (review here) highlighter for the tops of my cheekbones and another half a pump of essence with a heavy pass of the warmth shade in the same palette for some shading. Doing this keeps everything looking perfectly dewy, seamless and sensational.



Eyes and Lips | It's got to be a Korean-style-y gradient lip hasn't it?! I used my Lancome Juicy Shaker (review here + collection swatches) in Berry Tale, if you want a tutorial then let me know! For eyes I went with a popular Korean choice of a black wing with a shadowing bright shade, I thought spring green and pink were apt for the season!

Finishing Touches | Seeing as we worked so hard to get the perfect, dewy Korean skin, a setting powder is vito-ed. For drier skins, this won't be a problem, for normal-combo, the primer and Holika Holika base should keep everything looking beautiful for hours, for oilier skins, I'd recommend a matte setting spray like this one from NYX, or even powdering with something delicate then adding a spray on top to meld everything together, work with what you've got ladies!

Keep your eyes peeled for the 촉촉 Skincare Edit and let me know if you liked this K-beauty post!

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  1. Loving these K beauty posts and of course I'll be looking forward to the skincare edition. I'm all for dewy bases so I'm going to see how I can incorporate these ideas into my current routine. I don't use blush enough so that light bit of colour may be what I'm missing. :)

  2. I love this! I've been wanting to get myself a BB Cushion for ages now but I've yet to try any myself so I'm not too sure which one I should get..! I've read tons of reviews but just not sure if I should try them myself personally first.. I've got combination/oily skin and large pores, and I would like a cushion that is dewy and lightweight on my skin! Do you have any recommendations? :) Lovely post as always! xx

    Kayleigh |

    1. aw thank you lovely! Absolutely, I think the IOPE one is pretty perfect even though it's towards the pricier end, they do a lot of formulas, I personally like the C range :) I'll give you a DM on twitter, as it's probably easier to talk there! PS I can't see a pore in sight, your skin looks stunning xx

  3. Your makeup looks pretty :) I am trying to have a more dewy makeup look now seeing that it is nearly spring. I like the BB cushions, I currently use the Laniege one which I find works well with my combination oily skin~ The lancome juicy shaker on ur lips look really cute.

    Have a lovely day! ♥

    Ying | * Y i n g c b e a u t y *

    X x X x X

  4. LOVED THIS ;-) you skin looks so perf omg. My skin is super dry and even though I do prime/use a base the dry air always sucks the moisture from my face sobs. You nailed the gradient lips as well, I've tried doing it but it ended up hilarious bahaha! Looking forward to the skincare bit of this!

    Cherie / sinonym

  5. Ah this is such a gorgeous makeup look! I love green xx

    Gemma ♥ Miss Makeup Magpie

  6. I've never heard of a BB cushion but i'm intrigued by that and many of the products you mentioned. Korean skincare/make-up gets talked about a lot so I must get myself a few pieces and see what all the fuss is about!
    Amy at Amy & More

  7. Your skin looks absolutely flawless and beautifully dewy! I've been getting interested in Korean skincare but haven't tried many products purely because I don't know where to start :) I will definitely save this post for future references :) x

    Mummy’s Beauty Corner

  8. I have been really loving Korean makeup trends which I find to be more suited for my taste than Western. The crazy contour is not really my thing and I love the simple but fresh and dewy look which is what Korean makeup is all about. Thank you for all the tips and tricks!

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  9. I really want to try out more Korean Beauty products, I have only ever heard rave review and your skin looks radiant.

    Emma Inks

  10. I really wonder how Koreans have that flawless skin and makeup! Your skin is flawless, you should tell us how you get it look that good :) I've used a few Korean skincare products and I love how soft and healthy my skin looked.

    Ela BellaWorld

  11. I'm obsessed with this post. I absolutely love Korean makeup and completely agree that skincare is just done completely differently to Western culture. I love the gradient lip!

    The Makeup Directory

  12. Love the gradient lip! It's such a fun look!

    She Likes to Shop

  13. Beautiful makeup! Looks so pretty!
    Love from {a lifestyle, fashion, beauty, and food blog}


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