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2 April 2016 9 comments


What with the house move literally within days now (eek I'm so excited!) I'm peachy keen on getting in there and making things more personal and 'us'. Not that I frankly don't do this in general but I've been pouring over Pinterest/interior magazines etc getting inspiration on how to jujzz (I'm committing to that spelling) up your space. No need for paint or investing in new furniture, a few, well-chosen decorative items can really update your look.


Hammered Copper Tray £19 | This bowl/tray is so affordable and a bit of a deadringer for this much more expensive Tom Dixon number. A lovely piece of worked metal creates a bit of interest in your space; you could use this as a simple centrepiece bowl in your dining area or use it more like a tray on your coffee table to hold candles, decanters or room sprays.

Cutout Candle £32 | One of the easiest ways to freshen things up and create some interest is with a uniquely shaped candleholder. I can't say I'm one for 'ornaments', that don't serve a purpose other than being something to look at, but a jazzy little candleholder can be rather ornamental whilst still serving a purpose.

Chevron Photo Frame £18 | Add pops of colour with photoframes. They don't necessarily have to sport selfies or personal photos, a little arrangement of beautiful magazine cuttings for example is perfectly pretty.

Prisma Copper Photo Frame £10 | Another photo frame, I love the 3D element of this one, and of course more copper! I think mixing and matching photo frames, some rustic, some modern, large small, discreet, flamboyant, around your room creates a really nice flow.

Phalaenapsis Orchid £35 | After an unsuccessful first attempt with an albeit hard to grow variety, I'm determined to make things work this time with an orchid, as I love them. Stumbled across these orchid earrings (£55) too and I'm a little in love! Maybe I'll treat myself if this one survives! Arguably I'll be having fresh cut flowers as much as possible, but a potted flower still brightens up your space, I'm all for flowers and plants inside.

Navy Lampshade £15 | It's surprising what just adding a dark light fixture can do for a white/magnolia room. This navy number is everything I want, your eye is drawn up to both the bold outer shade and warm, golden inner shade, which gives such a cosy, homely light.

Geometric Terrarium £29.50 | I love adding metal and glass against dark backgrounds. Either add some soil and a plant for a makeshift terrarium or illuminate a dark corner with a candle or two, the geometric lines really attract your eye.

Copper Plant Pot £4.99 | I love metallics and greenery smooshed together. Adding some leafy plants can not only help with cleansing the air in your space but bringing some of the outside in always manages to lift my mood.

Blue & White Doorknob £3.50 | If you're up for a little crafty project, change some drawer handles from plastic-y and modern to chic and expensive-looking, to give the look of an entirely new piece of furniture. I love these blue and white ones from Marks.

Rose Gold Lantern £6 | For rose gold lighting on a smaller scale, this lantern is the perfect pick. Get some candles in there to give a warming glow.

Criss Cross Cushion £7.99 | Yellow Cushion £3.99 | Geometric Cushion £12.99

Aswell as a throw, a selection of contrasting cushions add some colour and vigour to a boring sofa. You can go properly outlandish if you like, but I like to bring it either pops of colour, textured fabric or patterns, I love the yellow one!

Waffle Blanket £50 | A throw can be all it takes to freshen up a tired sofa, or disguise ugly colours. I love getting a ridiculously large one that's textured and cuddly, like a faux fur or this waffle knit number.

Rose Gold Floor Lamp £120 | Bringing in extra light fittings can completely change the feel of your space, and what better way to add a little glam than a floor lamp decked out in rose gold for a warm, cosy glow. A bit of a statement piece, it'll get folks talking too.

I literally can't wait to get started personalising the new 'crib', and hopefully will have some more interiors-related posts for you along the way! Hope everyone is looking forward to the weekend!

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