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19 February 2016 11 comments

So I popped into the Marc Jacobs store in Mayfair to get the stunning Petra nail polish (review) and this happened..

Righty-ho blogger buddies, it's about time I spoke about this eye palette, it's been peppering my Instagram for a little while!


The Lolita palette, one of ten colour options, is a beautiful neutral palette of seven shades, 3 mattes, 3 metallics and 1 shimmer/glitter.



Let's start on the outside. One of the things I love about high end makeup (and I'm sure I speak for many of us) is the non-essential but swanky packaging. Mr Jacobs certainly doesn't disappoint in that regard. A long, sleek, piano-black case with minimal embellishment and click closure. Inside, a generous mirror for a palette of this size and the shadow pans lined up neatly in a row. This is one of my favourite palettes to travel with, in it's cute little velvet pouch.



There's so much hype about the quality of Charlotte Tilbury and Tom Ford eyeshadows, and as much as I do agree, these Marc Jacobs shadows definitely sit among the best of them. The texture of the matte shades are exquisite. Really smooth and buttery with a luxurious colour payoff (pigmented but not obnoxious), and very little fallout if any, you really get what you pay for. 

The shimmery/metallic shades, an opalescent, pearly pink, a peachy champagne and a warm rose-copper, are creamy and flattering and blend well. The one glittery shade is a stunning pale, slightly rosy-gold with silver glitter. The one downside (to the whole palette) is that this shade kicks up some fallout, the glitter is reasonably chunky so either use carefully, or use it wet, as it's too beautiful to just not use.

Overall, I'm completely obsessed, I think it's one of the best neutral palettes going. The quality of these shadows is impeccable and I can't think of a palette that is much more travel friendly or versatile for a neutral eye than this beauty. You can pick it up here at Harrods now, yay!

Have you tried any of the Marc Jacobs shadow palettes? 

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