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21 February 2016 18 comments


I promised you an in depth review of the Rosie for Autograph range at Marks and Sparks, and today, here it is! 

I mentioned in my First Impressions post (I've swatched almost everything from the range here if that's useful to you!) that I've already fallen in love with this range. Honestly, it's so reminiscent of high end beauty, everything from the packaging to the shades to the formulas, look and feel expensive. I've got a few more products on order (I know..) but here is what I immediately picked up way back when it launched, and I've had a good while to trial them out. 



Lipsticks in Lady Rose and Laugh Out Loud | £14

Even though it's hard to choose, I think these are probably the stand out products of the range. From the outside, the bullets are rose gold (yaasss) and simple in design; no silly embellishments and just a discrete logo on the side. The magnetic closure on these guys and the engraved rose makes them feel super luxe, it's the stuff of dreams. 

On the inside, all the shades are creamy and opaque, setting neither with a shiny nor matte finish. I'm actually swatching these next to my Tom Ford lipsticks as we speak and the finish and colour pay off is exceedingly similar. These are the kind of beautiful lipsticks you used to steal from your mum's drawer, with that kind of timeless, luxurious finish of an almost bygone era. I'll read you the spiel on the box because I don't think I can put it any better: 'A hydrating lipstick with a nourishing super-soft feel. Comfortable to wear, lips feel soft and smooth, with long lasting, intense colour. Enriched with argan oil'. I think that's spot on, they last around 5 hours on me at full intensity and wear off smoothly and evenly until you reapply, and there's a subtle vanilla cupcake scent which you can't smell once on your lips. 



Of the 12 shades available, I picked up Lady Rose, a gorgeously creamy, dark, dusky pink/mauve with a neutral undertone. This is actually pretty similar to the discontinued Negligee by Tom Ford (and Richard from Lips & Boys) but slightly cooler/pinkier in tone. I also grabbed Laugh Out Loud, which is pretty much the polar opposite. LOL is a stunningly bright pinkish-red (there's definitely some corally-pink to it) that I think is going to be the lipstick of summer. 

I've been giving these lippies a good go since procuring them and my verdict is pretty bold; I officially deem them on par with Charlotte Tilbury and Tom Ford. And these are fourteen pounds. If that doesn't excite you, I don't know what will. 


Lip Glossy in My Best Girl Friend | £12.50

If bold, intensity just isn't for you then there are 4 chubby-colour-balm-sticks that might attract your interest. I have rambled on about the lipsticks but I don't really like these any less, they're just different. A beautifully hydrating balmy stick of colour, these aren't too shiny, not at all greasy and the shade range includes a nude, pink, peach and red; perfection. These for me make for an effortless daytime lip for a sheer wash of colour and some hydration. 

Rose Gold Makeup Bag | £16

So the justification here is that I actually need one (during the constant self-debate to get the Truffle Clarity Clutch). The outside is wipe-clean-able and the inside is lined with a black, suede-like material. This one ticks many of the boxes being rose gold, simple and just the right size (~20 x 14 x 6cm).



(and I'm wearing the Lip Glossy here)

Highlighter Powder in Rose Bud | £18

This is definitely the stand out face product for me. As much as the cream blushes and radiance cream are lovely, this guy has luxe written all over it. Again, rose gold packaging, and you actually get a generous 8g of loose powder, compared to say a 4.8g blush/highlight pan from Nars. 

Inside, you access the highlighter through a fabric mesh and a raised section on the inside of the lid stops product escaping past that mesh when it's closed, a nice detail. This powder is fine as. If you've ever tried the Illamasqua Powdered Metal in Ether, it's a similar texture, one so fine it'll just float away.

There's a gorgeous mix of white, gold, pink and champagne particles that together make for the perfect highlight shade, whether you're fair or slightly darker in skintone. Apparently Rosie had a big hand in getting this one right, and who doesn't want a glow like hers? Something I really like about this highlight, over others, is that it's so versatile when it comes to buildability (definitely a word). If you're part of the subtle crew like me, just go in gently with it. If you like a strong sheen, layer it up (I went heavier so it'd show up on camera). Either way, it melds beautifully into the skin, for a glitter-free, gorgeous-as-hell glow. 

I do very much like other items in the range such as the cream blushes, eyeshadow palettes and cream shadow sticks but I would say there are other products on the market that are just as good, in formula and shade selection (these Kiko ones for example) but there are already a few more lip products on their way.. and possibly the Radiance cream.. (C.Tilbury Wonderglow-esque).

Have you tried any of the Rosie for Autograph range?

Why not?!

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