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Wifi On The Go, 3 Mifi

4 November 2015 1 comment


Ever been on the train home and think 'Goddamit, I could be getting some work done heavily procrastinating here'? Or snuggle down into a comfy Chesterfield in your favourite artisan lunch spot only to find out you've sat beyond the 'good wifi' range? Or your internet cuts out at home in the crucial moments of checking out some expensive beauty products? Well fear no more!


I've thought for years, wouldn't it be great if you could have your own little portable internet-maker-worker-er? Well now, mobile wifi is the answer. The guys at 3 kindly sent me a Huawei E5330 4G Mobile Wifi gadget to try out, and it's a little godsend.


As nice as it is to have the ocassional digital detox, when I'm connected, I want to be connected. There's nothing worse than needing the internet and it not being there. (I use the term 'needing' quite loosely..) I'm all about laziness and simplicity these days (who has the time?!) and the Huawei Mifi couldn't be easier to use. Pop in the battery. Press and hold the only button to turn it on. When the little wifi light is on, go onto your device (whether it be iPad, tablet, phone, laptop etc, you can connect 5 at once yay!) and connect as you would any wifi network. Any ID's etc you should need are on the inside of the case. THAT'S IT.

3 are definitely the best provider (quality and value) of data I know of. (You can check them out here if you like) I always get signal in the most obscure of places when my chums are left listless! and for only 13 of your fine, English pounds, you can get 5gb data a month.

I was alsooo lucky enough to try out the Caseflex keyboard for my iPad (and if you haven't got a tablet yet, check out this selection for all price points). Honestly. How have I not got a tablet keyboard already?? Again, it's simplicty-defined to set up and it's a must for doing actual work/blogging on an iPad (it works for most tablets and it's cheap as chips). Especially as the Blogger app is so useless, we're forced to use their mobile-unfriendly-website. And because it works via Bluetooth, I can sit and do my work like this. #feelingsmug. 

I could list off how both these gadgets have come in handy but there are two real reasons why I would buy them: 1) being able to blog efficiently when you've forgotten your laptop, 2) remedying crappy hotel signal because you've chosen the cute, attic room that's beyond the realms of streaming. 

Well, the bottom line is, anything that makes blogging/online shopping easier in an ever busier lifestyle gets my vote.