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Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation Review.

2 November 2015 1 comment

I'm not usually one for a fuller coverage base but, with the promise of 'flawless, poreless skin', Charlotte Tilbury's Magic Foundation was something I just couldn't pass up on. 

Five years in the making, Ms Tilbury kept sending this backs to the boys in the lab until it was perfect so I had high hopes!

On first impressions, to see a glass bottle makes me happy. On the skin, it's creamy, smooth and I can feel that it's a little heavier than my usual fare but, and an exceedingly pleasant surprise, not by much. My tricks are to only use it where I need it, sparingly, and blend well. So dab on with a damp sponge through the centre of my face and leave something like Burberry's BB cream for my forehead etc. 

A huge plus is the lasting power and the finish. A demi-matte finish that starts off looking velvety and skin-like, before becoming slightly more luminous as the day goes on. And the day can go on all it likes with this one! I've got pretty high expectations as I hate touching up my makeup throughout the day, and the Magic Foundation lasts beautifully without the need for powder.

And enough of my waffling, here's how it looks. 

Pigmented but without feeling heavy. What do you think? Will you be picking it up?

Magic Foundation: £29.50, 15 shades.