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Christmas Gift Guide 2015, Part 1.

26 November 2015 5 comments

It's somehow managed to creep up to the end of November without me realising, and it's actually, oh my giddy goodness, only a month til Christmas!

All my efforts have gone on spoiling us girls so you're bound to find something your female pal/relation will love. And boys, take note, you'll get extra house points if she thinks you've bought without any guidance!

I'm omitting the standard beauty advent calendars/christmas crackers/christmas palettes etc as a) I feel like they're all over blogs already and b) I have to say I'm not all that enamoured by the idea of them... (I know I'm in the minority here!) but do expect a lot of prettiness, a healthy level of maroons and copper, and quite a few gifts on my own wishlist, so enjoy!

1) Chanel Illusion D'Ombre in Rouge Noir, the easiest formula to work with in a deep burgundy shade. And bonus points for being Chanel. £25
2) Rose gold candle, for a lover of coppery hues. £55
3) Hurricane lantern £10
4) Charlotte Tilbury Perfect Vamp for the ultimate dark lip, or why not go for the perfect nude or red? £49
5) The Kinfolk Home book: the most beautiful photos of 35 homes from Scandinavia to Japan that embrace the ethos of slowing down and simple living. Great for those into interiors (aren't we all!), I love it. £17
6) Rose gold nail polish £9
7) Cat ears headband, so you can embrace your inner feline whilst doing your makeup. £4
8) Mother of pearl dish for trinkets and treasures.  £10

9) Glass pyramid £15
10) Iphone case £7
11) Gadget charger the size of a credit card to make sure you're never without power. £32
12) Inspirational travel mugs for a mental pick me up every morning. £18
13) Nourish book (have a look at my review) A delicious collection of goodness for the body and soul. £14
14) Scratch travel map for the travel lover. £13
15) Mean Girls pencils for some nostalgia, just whyever not! £4
16) Sleep-i-fiers because beauty sleep is always welcome. £10
17) Peacock mug, a good reason to buy some really beautiful. £14

Hope you've found some inspo. and keep your eyes peeled for Part 2 going up soon!