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23 November 2015 3 comments


The lovely girls at Irresistible Me contacted me recently to see if I'd like to try out some of their hair extensions. Hark back to college days, I took up the 'really big hair' philosophy. The bigger the hair, the closer to god honey! Even though I already had long, thick hair, I felt the need to add some big-ass extensions to thicken it up 'a bit'..

Nowadays I adopt a far more natural approach to my hair, especially since being on my Hair Journey, but I can't say there aren't times when I yearn for a fabulously thick ponytail to top off a slick, chic outfit. Fortunately, literally such a thing exists on the Irresistable Me site and I ended up being intrigued enough to choose the 100% Remy, 16in Ponytail in 02 Chocolate Brown. The product arrives beautifully packaged, inside a sealed plastic envelope within a slim cardboard box. No tangles, kinks, all ready to go. 



You get one hairpiece containing and comb 'clip' and ribbon. I think they're incredibly well made. They're heavy but not uncomfortably so, you get a lot of hair, which is tonal like 'real' hair. Everything is extremely secure and there's an inner weft that's ingeniously hidden to make sure the hair doesn't fall oddly when you're wearing it. And 'Remy' just indicates the top notch quality of hair. 

Now, I've never seen a ponytail extension piece that doesn't look fake and/or hideous so I was perhaps dubious but take a look and see what you think. 

Putting the extensions in are incredibly easy:

1) Put your own hair into a ponytail.

2) Attach the comb part of the extension underneath your hairband.

3) Wrap the ribbons around your ponytail, pull tight and secure as you wish. A bow is cute but you could wrap some hair around the ribbon to hide it instead. 

Even without hiding the ribbon, the join is really nicely concealed. Even if you look quite closely!

02 Chocolate Brown is the perfect colour match for me, and the 16in is the very same length as my own ponytail so the extensions blend in seamlessly, although the ponytails come in 14 - 22 inches. Because of the natural, human hair, you can plait them, wash them, curl them, straighten them, style them, dye them, in fact, anything you do with you own hair.

Although it obviously arrives as a ponytail, there's room to be creative. A big, fat braid for example, or a bun, it's up to you.

Overall I'm really impressed. If you have fine hair, short hair, in fact any hair!, and you'd like to temporarily have a really fat, thick ponytail, I'd really recommend getting these. As you may know from reading about my hair situ, I suffer from Telogen Effluvium (stress related hair loss) but there's something about long, thick hair that makes me feel really girly and princessy and makes life wonderful, and for $67, you can have that too! I've seen reviews of people using these extensions after chemotherapy too which I think is wonderful.

Go have a browse of their site!

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