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Rosy Cheeked, My Favourite Blushes.

4 October 2015 6 comments

I'm not a blush kind of person. With a round, moon face and naturally flushed cheeks, (I have mild rosacea) I've been wary of it since day one, as if it were out to purposefully make me look like a red-faced loon. But, in what I like to think of as 'exposure therapy', I've been procuring a small collection to.. ok, essentially I've been shopping. If you, like me, prefer a low key blush-look then keep on reading!



Natural Collection's Rosy Pink is the most unassuming cream blush from an incredibly inexpensive brand that, frankly, most would walk past. However, for an arbitrary reason I can't remember nor understand, I found this in my basket. It's in fact a beautifully creamy, gel/silicone-feeling blush that's a lot better than you might imagine. The texture is wonderful and it gives a gloriously natural, rosy flush. I like this one best when I want it to look like I'm wearing nothing (oo-er), it's so seamless.


The Maxfactor Creme Puff's are delicious baked blushes that I think have been widely accepted as an under-£10-dupe for the Hourglass Ambient Lighting blushes, at £28 a go. I picked up Seductive Pink, a pinky-peach marble that's incredibly fine and iridescent. It can be super subtle, as I personally prefer, or you can build it up to something a little more vibrant. This one looks great on fair to olive skins and once on the skin, you just get 'pretty'. A joy.


My next fave is one I wear on days I feel 'brave'. To those with less of an aversion to blush than myself, Smashbox's Supermodel Blush/Soft Lights Duo is a creamy, matte pink powder, accompanied by a lovely rosy-champagne highlight. Both are finely milled and blend effortlessly onto the skin. (The highlight is rather similar to Topshop's Polished Glow Pot.) You can build this up to near Barbie status or wear it incredibly sheer. It gives a beautiful rosiness that would suit most skintones. (And just after taking the photos, I went and stabbed my thumb nail in it - disaster.)

Let me know your favourite blushes!