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Arganatural Retinol Beauty Oil.

2 October 2015 2 comments

'Skincare' and 'natural' in the same sentence and my ears prick up. On the look out for more facial oils, I stumbled upon this little gem.

Arganautral's Retinol Beauty Oil is packed full of ingredients that, for a skincare enthusiast, makes your face beam when you read the bottle (or have it typed out for you):

Coconut oil, sunflower oil, argan oil, rapeseed oil, squalane, retinol, vitamin e, rosemary leaf oil, coriander seed oil, beta carotene. 

The retinol, or Vitamin A derivative, is a superb 'anti-ageing' ingredient for those of us in our 20's who don't really know where to start. This isn't heavy-going on the retinol either, so I've found I can use this every night, although I do like to alternate with pure, organic rosehip oil every other evening.

It's not marketed as a dry oil but it sinks in so readily that it may as well be. 

As much as I would like a pipette, every time you open an oil you expose it to oxygen so the pump preserves the concentration of the ingredients. 

Results are best after a gentle exfoliation (I love using this exfoliating mask), after which I smooth almost 1 pump over my skin. Massage it in for a good 5 minutes in upward motions to help with tone and firmness. A nice little tip is to rub your hands together to get them hot, press them onto your face and hold; helps the oil absorb into the deeper layers of your skin! Hydrate, nourish and age rewind with one little bottle. 

And if you're after an amazing serum, that I use in conjunction with the oil, you really want to check out this Vitamin C beauty; it's quite possibly my favourite, ever.