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The Smoothest Legs In Town.

20 September 2015 0 comments


Smoothy-smooth, perfected legs never go out of fashion. My legs seem to be the last part of me, determined to stay dry (and pale), no matter what I do! But I've finally compiled my ultimate artillery for whipping them into smooth shape.


Numero uno on my list is dry body brushing. Brushing your legs in long, upward motions tones up the skin, increases circulation and brushes away dead skin cells. Doing this everyday is the perfect foundation to good skin, on your legs and the rest of your body. Elemis do a great brush but it's a little too coarse for me, I picked my brush up at TKMaxx.


For some extra help, I love to exfoliate my legs regularly with any of my favourite in-shower scrubs. Dead Sea Spa's Magik Salt Brushing scrubbies make for a really good scrub but my favourite is Soap & Glory's Breakfast Scrub is just.. beyond lovely. Primarily for the smell. Of maple syrup. I know. It's tempting to eat by the spoonful but it does a great job at exfoliating too. 

If I'm having a bath, I love to mix in a couple of scoops of my Ancient Clay Mask (you need to check this out, I adore the stuff); giving my legs a good soak in the clay-saturated water helps draw out all the toxins and makes them feel amazing. 


Down to the bread and butter of my routine and smooth legs: hair removal. (Surely evolution should have dealt with this by now?!) I'm a huge fan of the Veet hair removal depilatory cream and the Venus & Olay razors but let's face it, the painful ones last longer. Much cheaper than waxing at the salon, Veet kindly sent me a a new toy in the form of their Easy Wax that's making a doddle of at-home waxing. It's really simple to use; pop in the wax cartridge and plug the whole device into the mains to let it heat up. The instructions are really clear, even for 1st time waxers, which I'm thankful for; hot wax and a clueless user seems a bit scary to me! I let mine heat up for 25 minutes but try rolling it on some paper after 20 to see if the wax is free flowing. 


Onto the legs we go, and don't panic, it's not hot! Just pleasantly warming. Make sure you roll downwards on the leg and get one of the strips, provided in the kit, on asap. Rub down for a snug bond. Brace yourselves, (eek!) and rip! Upwards of course. Repeat all over and that's it! 

I won't lie, it hurts but a) put up with the pain and you'll be hair-free for weeks and b) it's got to be better than the combine harvester of tweezers (a goddamn epilator) I spent a fortune on and never use?! I've tried the pots of wax you microwave but they're so messy. The Easy Wax makes waxing an easy, almost pleasant experience that's mess and stress free, it's fab. There's no sticky spatula or trailing around hot wax and the roller applies the wax on in a nice, even layer. You can get a smaller attachment too for more delicate areas (bikini line and underarms). 

Once the hair is no more, it's down to the finishing touches. Oils are my favourite way to go and the Omega Body Oil by Mama Mio is a favourite. It's nice and absorbent but leaves that little sheen down the shins that I adore. 

Just to top it off, a little of Soap & Glory's Glow Lotion strategically placed down the centre of the leg gives a little extra glow and emphasises how delicious smooth they are!

So there we have it, the best-est, most smoothest legs in town. 

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What are your top tricks for smooth legs??