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Birchbox, September 2015.

18 September 2015 3 comments


When a pretty, pink package arrived upon my doorstep, I knew exactly what it was and joyfully skipped to the table to rip it open with abandon. 



Birchbox are celebrating their 5th birthday this September and I couldn't resist but be a part of it. In honour of their roots, all the products are from US brands. Here's what I got: 


A cute little twist up stick that promises to replace blotting powders or papers, you can allegedly wear it before or after makeup. Tiny blotting spheres soak up excess oil for shine-free T-zones. This teeny tube will be perfect for on-the-go application, I'm hoping it delivers!


Laura Mercier Face Polish 11.3g (full size £26)

I am well acquainted with this luxe exfoliator and for a physical scrub, is one of the best I've tried, although it's been a while! It's pretty self-explanatory, use as you would your average scrub and it leaves your skin smooth and revived.


A detangling treatment that you can leave in or rinse out, this detangler is full of natural ingredients to make sure your strands are knot free and your scalp soothed. Since my hair has completely revolted, this'll be great to have in the artillery (and it smells like lemon icing).


This lippie/cheek stick is a bright, rosy shade of pink. Heavily pigmented, you can sheer it out with your fingers. I can't say I'm too enthused about it but we'll see if I can make it work.


Bliss Lemon & Sage Soapy Suds 30ml (full size £16.50)

This smells SO good. Like organic sherbet lemons. Body wash/bubble bath I'm sure it'll make my showering experience smell glorious. SLS as the second ingredient though... unimpressed!


Effectively a small, egg-shaped Tangle Teezer that fits perfectly into a) your handbag and b) the palm of your hand, it's a good, mini detangler, which you can pick up in pink, green or blue. With no offensively large logos either, it's a great bonus sample. 

May I also just gives a little props up to Birchbox for the adorable packaking, it's so little and detailed!

There's all sorts going on over at Birchbox and if you're tempted to join in with the celebrations or get yourself a subscription, you can sign up for £12.95 a month, or play their birthday bonanza for a treat this September! 

What did you get in your box?!