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8 Beauty Hacks I Actually Use.

3 September 2015 5 comments

There are so many beauty tips and tricks to make your life easier, your time better spent and your purse happier. I thought I'd share with you the 8 I enjoy the most!

♥ Like removes like. Use EVOO/jojoba/avocado/etc oil to remove even the toughest mascara. And it conditions your lashes too, bonus!

 To get a consistent colour mix, lightly sweep through your shimmer brick then turn it 90 degrees and sweep through again. Repeat til you've gone round full circle.

 To stop lipstick from getting on your teeth, run a cotton bud round the inside of your lips. Saves you using your finger!

 For eye-depuffing, keep a spoon in the freezer overnight and gently press under your eyes to help with dark circles and mousey-eye-syndrome in the morning.

 Run out of shaving gel? Use conditioner for a smooth finish.

 Your nail polish is getting all thick and gloopy? Don't despair, just add a few drops of nail polish remover to keep it going a bit longer.

 With other products, you can cut up the tube but when your mascara's near the end of it's life and is getting dry, what do you do? I pop mine in the sun or into my bra (!) for a little while to warm it up, gets a little more out of it.

 To make your hair look thicker, dab a little eyeshadow in the same shade of your hair into your parting.

What are your favourite beauty hacks??