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Nail Polishes, Let's Talk Essie.

1 September 2015 8 comments


For reasons beyond me, I've never owned an Essie polish before now (I know.). Quite possibly due to seeing lustworthy images of rows of Essie polishes (I love their bottles) all lined up on Pinterest, I found myself buying some before I could justify not to! Here are some faves.


All Tied Up is described on Essie's website as a 'rustic bronze', however it's a definitely warm, dusky, rose colour. And I love it.  Suspended in the gorgeous hue are tons of teeny gold glitter particles which they say are 'subtle'. In person, it's more.. non-existent, which I'm not upset about. It's not garish or lurid, just the perfect, every-situation colour that's been on my nails for weeks.


Summit Of Style is a beautiful topcoat with a lotttt of golden glitter of different sizes. It only takes a couple of coats to build near opacity, so Essie aren't scrooges unlike some cheaper glitter polishes. I love the tone of gold in this one; it's not too canary yellow, not too pale and silvery, but just right. #Goldilocks


A Cut Above is a Luxeffects, glitter topcoat in a pinky hue, much like it's golden-bronze cousin. Again, it takes little effort to build up the glitter, and I like grading this one on the tips of my nails for a bit of a glitter ombre. 


My favourite ever polish, Chanel's Malice, was unfortunately limited edition, but Essie's Thigh High is (thank you babyyyy Jesus) a pretty good dupe! A deep, dark, metallic red, I fully preempt wearing this all of winter.


Skirting The Issue is really quite like Chanel's Rouge Noir, and has a far better finish and formula than other dupes I've tried. This creamy, slick finish goes on beautifully and the garnet red tone is to die for. I actually think it shows up a a fair bit lighter in my photo/good lighting than in person but either way I'm in.

And just a head's up, you can save yourself some bucks by getting your polishes discounted at places like TKMaxx or Fragrance Direct, (yippee!) or of course use your Boots points.

What's your favourite Essie polish?? I feel like I need to expand my collection!