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Inspired by Dôen.

11 April 2021 1 comment


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I have rather fallen in love with this brand. I know I'm 'late' but style isn't about keeping up with the latest releases for me.

I've seen their pieces, worn beautifully, on others for a little while but had to admit I didn't think I enjoyed some of their prints, nor did I think the free and blousey look was really for me.

Oh how I've changed my mind.

Something I love is that they use natural, larger-chested models in their photography campaigns - something I can personally relate to and isn't always common in fashion photography - and it's refreshing for someone of my chest size to be able to see what the clothes might look like on for a change, especially as my favourite youtubers/bloggers who wear Doen (you'll have to forgive me, I shan't be putting in the circumflex from here on out!) are very very petite.

The one thing I find frustrating is how annoying it currently is to purchase Doen from the UK. Select pieces are available on Net-a-Porter, and whilst Doen does ship internationally, I went through the motions of ordering a $238 top the other day, to find I'd have to pay just shy of half of that again in shipping and tax :/

Fortunately their style seems pretty popular at the moment, and seemingly strewn across the internet for our perusal. Here are a collection of comparable pieces I've found:

Which are your favourites?