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A Transitional Spring Capsule Closet.

28 February 2021 8 comments


Is Spring finally on the horizon???

I've had to forgo my thick winter coats on my walks lately, and the snowdrops and crocus have began to spring up beneath my feet.

Spring is on it's way and that's such a lift for the soul - so seemingly tangible.

And with a change of season, there's necessary closet planning needed! I'm having a bit fun with this year's transitional Spring capsule, firstly in that I decided to paint it!

I've found some really great pieces over the year, although I've not bought as much due to such a dramatic change in our circumstances and having so reason whatsoever to wear anything other than elasticated waist bands. Nevertheless, here's my capsule:

Pieces I already own:

- trenchcoat
- light, boucle jacket
- Chanel-esque cardigan
- white shirt
- the perfect black trouser
- blue midi dress
- black skater dress
- white straight leg jean
- black velvet headband
- black crossbody
- black ballet flats
- tan ballet flats
- two-tone slingbacks

Pieces I'm looking to add:

Pastel coat - I quite like the idea of a light, Spring coat, both in weight and in colour. I really like the collarless look, although I'm not entirely sure their straight-style cuts suit my body.

Blue blouse - I saw one at Massimo Dutti last year (or the year before?) and regret not picking it up because it was the most perfect blue.

White, boat-neck top - RL's boat neck tops are such perfection I love them. I love the sleeve length and they just sit really well, not to mention how deliciously soft they are against the skin.

Decorative scarf - I'm yet to find the perfect print really, so it seems perpetually on my list.

Taupe tote - I owned (I'm sure I still do, somewhere..) a Longchamp Pliage and whilst they may not be the most stylish of bags, they're so incredibly practical that I love them dearly. I recently saw this taupe alternative that I can't help but be drawn to.

Taupe skinny belt - By this description, I just mean I'd like a Hermes Kelly belt. They are a silly amount of money though so I'll be keeping a look out for a second hand version.

And here are just a few outfit ideas:


Which outfit is your favourite? 1, 2, 3 or 4?



  1. Oh I would literally wear all of them! I am obsessed with your style!

    Lisa |

  2. Great picks for the spring season! You've come up with 4 versatile outfit ideas. Thank you for the inspiration :)

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  4. Gorgeous post, and you are a talented painter. Really lovely ideas for a spring capsule wardrobe. I like outfit two in particular. :-) xx

    Helen | Helen’s Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

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