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Spring Beauty 2019.

16 April 2019 4 comments


Is is that time of year already?

It's becoming a bit of a tradition to share a really lengthy (and today's really is that..) beauty post with you every Spring, and something that I love doing.

I'm really happy with the beauty products I'm using at the moment. I've found my skin has become less oily so I'm favouring slightly different skincare products. I've also taken more of a keen interest in clean beauty, and natural/organic makeup has really improved over the past couple of years.

So for the hair, skincare and makeup highlights of my Spring beauty arsenal, keep reading!



A quick note before we start:

A) I get sent a lot of beauty products. Some of the products mentioned below have been too.
B) Because of point a), my collection is a lot bigger than it needs to be. I never want to advocate that you need a vast collection or lengthy routine! I certainly don't use even all of the products mentioned in this post all at once. Simple is sometimes best.
And C) to save me from constantly repeating myself, today's post isn't the entirety of what I use/love. I rotate a lot, and still go back to old favourites (the La Mer foundation being a prime example) that I cherish dearly.




I've found myself, or more dug myself, into a little rut with makeup lately - and I'm absolutely more than happy to be there. I've been reaching for pretty much the same routine (with a few adjustments depending on my mood) that's quick and natural, yet polished with a little glow - it takes me no time to get ready, which I love!

I've been using Pixi's Rose Flash Balm as a bit of a primer, to lift my complexion before my favourite foundation of the moment from Shiseido. I spoke about it in this recent beauty post and it's pretty much perfection for my skin right now (applied with fingers is best, and easiest!).

As far as eyes go, I really don't bother with eyeshadow at all most times, but when I do, I've reverted to this old classic by Becca (and this new Pixi number for something a little more glamorous).




I love cream/liquid cheek products - I just find they're so easy to blend and sheer out on the skin, warming up and melting from the warmth of your fingers as you apply. I like very sheer, natural highlighters like the Perricone one, this one from No7 (so beautiful), and the Guerlain Meteorites powders. WDF kindly sent over this adorable travel-size duo and the packaging choice is so handy. For blush, I'm still using my Bobbi Brown and Laura Mercier favourites, but Kjaer Weis' cream blush, Paradise from RMS and Daisy Pink by Innisfree are the three in my makeup bag at the moment. All are desperately pretty and each a different hue/tone.

I'm using and loving quite a bit of natural/clean beauty at the moment - I suppose that's been a conscious shift over the last year or so. Dr Hauschka's Bronzing Tint is something I was recommended by an extended family member and it's divine. The tiniest amount needed just gives a slight warmth to my pallid complexion without overwhelming. So many times I've seen a frightening amount of bronzer applied!

Because my skincare leaves my skin looking quite dewy, I've been using Kjaer Weis' touch up powder to dull any overtly shiny areas. It's unexpectedly quite heavily scented but that's not something that's bothered me.



The Hourglass lip treatment is probably the best conditioning lip product I've tried. It's like the Laneige mask (which I love) but racheted up a few notches. I've worn it to sleep a few times and have awoken still able to feel it hydrating my lips. For lip colour, I really like Max Factor's Nude, and the RMS lip pot in Bloom - the perfect slightly pinky shades for Spring. Actually Becca have a new lipstick and matching cheek palette that looks gorgeous too.


I'm always trying new products as well as returning to old favourites, and therefore rotating products all the time. I generally like my hydrating serums like the Fresh Rose serumHyggee's all-in-one serum or the Avene A-Oxitive, and then a lighter or gel moisturiser - Kate Somerville's Goat milk cream and the Nuxe gel cream and eye cream are working really well for me at the minute (although the latter is quite heavily fragranced which isn't my most favourite).


I think facial mists are my favourite part of my skincare routine at the moment. I'm a longtime lover of Caudalie's Beauty Elixir (an old favourite), the Clarins Re-Fresh spray (a new favourite), the La Mer mist (I love everything from La Mer) and that of Evolve which I'll talk about in a second.




A self-confessed skincare fanatic aka the representative for my local La Mer counter, taught me the 'Hyaluronic Sandwich' and it's my favourite trick. It's literally just applying a facial mist immediately before and after a hyaluronic acid serum, but it works so well and I don't know why I wasn't more religious about it before - the hyaluronic draws the double layer of moisture from the mist into the skin and leaves it feeling plump and hydrated for longer. And my favourite duo for this trick is the Moisture Mist and Hyaluronic Serum, both from Evolve Beauty. I think I'll go as far as to say that this duo is my favourite two skincare products to use at the moment. The hyaluronic serum feels really voluminous, the mist smells of wallflower and I love that so much, I love the brand's clean, handmade, cruelty-free, small-scale-beauty ethos, and my skin just feels fantastic after I use them together. I can't recommend them enough.


My two favourite SPF's of the moment are La Roche Posay's spf 30 retinol - which I've annoyingly managed to pierce a hole in - and Dermalogica's new SPF, which just has the dreamiest finish, no scent/texture/shine that so often annoys me about SPF's.


For those that ask about my favourite nail colours/brand, I think Leighton Denny are brilliant. They dry quickly and last well, and all their nude/pastel/sheer shades are gorgeous and just so up my strasse. Creme de la Creme is a favourite as it layers so well.


I feel like I've sort of been through the mill a little this year, and it shows in my skin as you'd expect, so I'm trying to be a little better with masks and treatments. I still love my Lixirskin Vitamin C Paste (and their retinol) and have been thoroughly enjoying a couple of masks from clean Aussie brand Dr Roebucks. The Tama mask is great for healing and clarification, whilst the Icebergs mask is like a thick gel I apply when my skin feels dehydrated.


I spoke recently about my hair loss on Instagram. It's something that's worsened over the past 6 months or so, probably due to stress in all honesty, and just not keeping on top of my diet/wellbeing. Because of this, I'm very particular with what I choose to use on my hair.

For my shampoo and conditioner, I really like the Extra Gentle range from Kristin Ess. The shampoo lathers up sufficiently and leaves my hair light and clean, but it's too astringent and stripping. The conditioner is light and doesn't weigh my hair down. Similarly her leave in spray is great too.



After washing, I (sometimes) like to spray a little of the Leonor Greyl vegetal tonique onto my scalp, or do an ACV rinse (more info here). My hair knots and tangles at the first sight of another strand so I find conditioners and masks quite important. I love Living Proof as a brand - their leave in conditioner and night treatment are favourites. Actually it's nigh on miraculous how taming the latter is without silicones etc - more on that particular product in this post. I really like the new Elasticizer scent from Philip Kingsley too, and the tubes are very travel-friendly.


I really try not to use too many styling products on my hair (as tempting as it is to chuck all the volumising powders/sprays and dry shampoo at it as I can) because I hate the way they make my hair feel, and it really doesn't do much at concealing the thinning areas. Saying that, I think the Percy & Reed volumising spray is great and I've been enjoying trying the Playa New Day spray - it really helps to refreshen my hair after I've slept with it in braids for example, and I've not really seen anything else like it.


At night, I've been trying to finesse the French (or more specifically reverse-French) braid to minimise tangling, and Silke's silk hair ties are the only thing I'll use on my hair these days. Maybe those telephone-cable hair ties. But the silk ones are my favourite.

I've love to hear what's in your Spring beauty cabinet.