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13 May 2018 11 comments

Let me tell you about my hair.

Ever since being hit hard with Telogen Effluvium several years ago, it's gone from being thick, glossy and easy to style to being fine and incessantly frizzy. 

I've spent a good while trying and testing products and methods that are both gentle on it and keep it manageable, and I feel like I've finally narrowed it down to a routine I'm happy with. My routine is now gentle, minimising the damage and breakage that I'm seemingly so susceptible to, and gives volume, body, bounce and a soft wave that holds all day. It's particularly great for fine or thinning hair that could do with a boost.

And best of all, it's heatfree and really easy

Stick with me and I'll show you how I go about transforming a frizzy, knotted, thinning mane to (comparatively) beautiful tresses, and the select few products that make the grade. See you after the jump break!

Products Mentioned:

Let's start with my favourite products first, then I'll show you my simple-but-reliable heat-free waving technique.

The Living Proof Night Cap Overnight Perfector c/o is probably the cornerstone of my routine at the minute and I can't recommend it enough. Pillow safe and, interestingly, silicone free, it hydrates and smoothes without weighing the hair down or feeling oily. You can apply it to either damp or dry hair for overnight results.

Of all the hair oils I've tried, I think the Mauli Grow Strong oil is my favourite - I sometimes run a dab through F's hair too as it's unisex. A blend of Ayurvedic oils, it smells fragrant and earthy, and soaks into the hair with ease. Rub into the scalp a couple of hours before washing or apply to the ends and leave in for softer hair - I do think it stops my ends being quite so brittle.

For styling, there are only really two products I bother with on a regular basis.

The Oribe Supershine cream has been a favourite for an awfully long time (last seen here and here), it adds softness, shine and just enough weight to tame flyaways. Not to mention that divine scent.

Living Proof's Humidity Shield spray is exactly what it says on the tin. Rather than just lightly spritzing all over as you might a hair spray, the instructions suggest you evenly mist each section, I suppose ideally forming a lacquer of the patented OFPMA molecule around every strand. It's the most effective frizz-deterrent I've tried!

One tool that's made the world of difference for my hair is my duo-bristle Wet brush. It's a crucial part of my routine, I use it everyday and it's just fantastic. The mixture of bristles helps to smooth, and detangle without breaking, like no other brush (it's a bit of a bitch to clean though so apologies if you can see fluff!).

Righto, now we've discussed products, onto my heat-free styling method.

These simple steps not only keep your hair in place and out of the way whilst sleeping, but unravel in the morning into soft, natural, long lasting waves. I don't get tight or defined curls from this method, but I've grown to love the soft, fluffy texture it creates, resulting in a lot of volume for not very much hair! It's a lovely, organic, ever so slightly unrefined look that I love.

1. Firstly I brush through freshly washed hair (around 90% dry) with this Wet brush to make sure it's all knot free.

2. Once completely dry, I rub 2-3 pumps of the Living Proof Night Cap between my palms and distribute through my hair, mostly lengths and ends.

3. I then tip my head upside down and use the brush to smooth my hair free of any kinks, bends or knots. Then, I start twizzling and twisting my hair until it starts curling in on itself. I keep going until it curls itself into a bun, securing with one of those telephone-cable hair ties.

4. Sleep (ideally on a silk pillowcase), ready to reveal in the morning!

5. When I come to unravel it in the morning, I let the big curl fall loose and shake it out a little before going through with that magic brush (brush through once for curls, twice or thrice for soft fluffy waves). I'll then take a large pea sized amount of the Oribe Supershine to define the curls everrrr so slightly and add shine (I'll use the Humidity Spray if I'm going to be on the tube or something, the other products suffice for every day).

And there we have it!

Simple, gentle, heat free and best of all, effective.

I appreciate btw that there's still a bit of frizz, but my hair unattended to is incredibly frizzy and I have quite a bit of breakage that won't lie flat and behave itself, so for me, this finish is nigh on miraculous! ;)

I'd love to hear how you take of your hair, and what products you're loving at the moment!



  1. Jen your hair is absolutely gorgeous! I'm so happy for you that you've found a routine that helps you manage your hair! I think I need to try something similar as my unattended hair is a fluffy mess! I'll definitely have to buy and try at least a few of the products (that brush will probably be the first!) that you've mentioned here!
    You also look so radiant here!

    Jasmine //

    1. Thanks so much Jasmine! I *love* the brush! I was skeptical that a Wet brush would be much different from any other brush I've used but the Shine version is the perfect inbetweener for smoothing and detangling! xx

  2. Lovely post! Your hair looks so fabulous and healthy, thanks so much for sharing! There are definitely a couple of oils I want to look into :)

    Anika |

    1. Thanks Anika! It definitely doesn't look like this unattended to! (I showed a before and after in my Stories today) I love hair oils! Any that have caught your eye? xx

  3. Your hair looks so pretty! Love it. I try to keep my hair short so I don't have to deal with tangles which hits hard during winter and strong winds. I really need to try out Living Proof (the cost is holding me back lol but everyone raves about it) the overnight perfector sounds amazing...!

    1. Thanks Cherie! I've seen testers in M&S so you could go in and have a sneaky try of it! xx

  4. OMG your hair is gorgeous! Thank you so much for your tips.. will try these!

    x Lisa |

  5. I might have to give some of these tips a try for myself, my hair is super thin and fine!

    Danielle xx

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