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16 December 2018 7 comments

If there were ever a time to be joyously overdressed, Christmas season is it.

Whether it's for Christmas day, New Year's Eve, dinner out with your loved ones, or anything in between, the right dress is often just the thing you need to feel festive, confident and utterly gorgeous. And who doesn't want to feel like that!

For me, I love lace, embroidered, bows and detail. The perfect festive dress for me isn't about glitz and bare skin (although if it is for you then by all means!), but that need not mean it's shouldn't be special, and more importantly shouldn't make you feel special. 

Outfit details

Red lace dress (unfortunately sold out! but very similar here)

Bow heels (from a boutique in Paris - similar Ferragamo alternative here)

Here are some of my personal, favourite festive picks to, for all budgets, to add a a touch of merriment to your festive attire, and a few accessories thrown in for good measure - I hope you find something you love!



  1. Oh I love all of these dresses! I still haven't decided what I want to wear for the upcoming holidays :D

  2. Girl you look absolutely beautiful!

    x Lisa |

  3. That is the most stunning dress, you look amazing!

    Danielle xx

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