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23 October 2018 6 comments


I'm sure most of you will have already heard of Alpha H - their Liquid Gold is something of a cult product with it's promise to rejuvenate even the most tired and problematic of skins.

I'm very much pleased to be partnering with Cult Beauty (the luxury beauty treasure trove) today to bring you a few products from their October Brand of the Month that you may not have tried.



The Essential Cleansing Balm has a thick, emollient texture that warms up to a satisfying slick (not in fact dissimilar to Oskia's Renaissance balm in texture and scent, so if you're familiar with that). Containing a small cocktail of essential oils like seabuckthorn, rose and geranium, it replenishes moisture whilst cleansing, and I like to use this as a middle-step or morning cleanser to add moisture back to my skin. (I love sitting in front of Masterchef the Professionals or an equivalent source of entertainment and taking my time to massage a cleansing balm around my face, anyone else?) And I love the packaging, there's something about a reverse pump that makes skincare more fun ;)



I wanted to try some of Alpha H's lesser known products, and some that aren't glycolic-based or even remotely exfoliating so plumped for their Vitamin E serum. A viscous serum, this anxioxidant-heavy formula promises to protect and repair the skin's natural barriers and add a boat-load of hydration. Whilst I very much enjoy the texture, and how hydrated my skin feels after using the product, I do find this serum to sit on the skin so would absolutely recommend using it rather like a wash off treatment as opposed to a layering product within your regimen. I've been applying a generous layer, leaving it on for as long as I've time for, and just removing the excess with a steamy washcloth or some micellar water. Beautifully hydrating.



How often do we tend to neglect our hands when it comes to skincare? In my case, always, because I hate the feeling of emolliency on my palms and fingertips, smearing it all over everything I then go and touch.. But alas, do as I say and not necessarily as I do because hands mustn't be neglected! The Liquid Gold Rose Hand Cream contains 10% glycolic acid as well as avocado oil and vitamin E to help combat those first signs of aging and keep the skin on your hands looking youthful and healthy.

A lovely floral scent (because some rose scents are awful), it gives you softer, plumper hands in an instant and frankly, I really enjoy it (to use with caution if you've sensitive skin though, just like any glycolic product on your face).




I picked the Instant Facial because of it's nod to their cult classic Liquid Gold but a different formulation. Before I tell you why, I think this is my favourite product of the bunch.

A gently resurfacing formula, this promises all of the glow and radiance, in the easiest and most straightforward path, which is very much music to my ears as a lazy-girl-skincare aficionado. With a texture much like any acid toner, a quick sweep over clean skin with a cotton pad and you're on your way to gently exfoliated skin. What I find curious about this 'acid toner' in particular is how it seems to go on with the texture of a water, but transform, having sat on the skin, into something with more body and hydration - less drying, less stripping, more hydrating, more house points awarded by moi.

As Cult Beauty's October Brand of the Month, you've access to free, worldwide shipping on any Alpha-H order, so a great opportunity to pick up something you've always wanted to try.


This post is in partnership with Cult Beauty. Thank you for supporting the brands that make Barely There Beauty possible.