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14 September 2018 6 comments


The markets of Provence are somewhat of a coveted affair.

And the ones at Aix are at the top of the market tree.

Most Provencal towns and villages have a market day once or so a week, but in Aix-en-Provence, it's a daily proceeding.

Squares throughout the centre come alive with colour, smell and sound, it's a truly joyous experience. And one of the beautiful things about going to Aix on a day other than their main market day, is that there are relatively few tourists about, just locals buying their groceries.

So let me give you a quick tour!

Strung up bunches of lilac-tinged garlic (really full of flavour for garlic lovers - this 40 clove chicken recipe is divine with some crusty bread).

Outfit details

Striped dress, Tan sandals, Tan tote, Straw hat (from Provence, similar here)

Heaplings of fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs, piled up in wooden crates, bursting with ripeness - I could have taken it all home. Tomatoes among the best I've ever had, onions quite alike the tropea variety (aka bloody good), and the most delicious apple juice I think I've ever tasted. And there's absolutely no plastic packaging to be seen here, thumbs up.

Charcuterie, fish and seafood, laid out, fresh and inviting.

It was a decidedly warm day, so I slipped on this cotton dress from this post, and up went the hair under a hat.

With all our shopping done (and returned to the car to save our arms) as the market wound down, off we went in search of sweet treats and carbs..

Patisserie Weibel is something of an institution in Aix, it was so very difficult to choose just two of their desserts to take away with us.. I sort of wish I'd eaten less during the morning/day just to fill up on their patisseries. I also wish I'd paid a bit more attention to what I was ordering.. but a big slice of soft, yielding marshmallow-meringue surrounding very delicate (genoise?) sponge and raspberry layers about sums up my choice. And utterly delicious it was.

We took our treats (along with some drinks ordered downstairs) to the upstairs terrace in Le Garde Manger, a really lovely, peaceful space in the modern, quirky cafe run by two sisters (coffee and house iced tea were a hit).

I really enjoyed our time in Aix. It has some of the hustle and bustle and grandeur of Paris, but with all the charm and climate of the south of France.

We took home our treats from the market and had a quick dip in the pool before assembling them into some kind of French-inspired-table-of-market-goodness dinner. The pear and almond tarts were just gorgeous. A wonderful way to spend the evening.