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16 August 2018 3 comments


I love the high street.

And high street pricing too! Because who doesn't love feeling like they came away with a bargain?

I'm sometimes asked about more affordable alternatives to some of the pieces I wear and share, so today I wanted to show that you don't need to spend a lot to look put together. In fact, you can pick up this entire look for under £50.

Outfit details:

Sunglasses (similar)
Birkenstocks (real, and a good dupe)

T H E   D R E S S

I was recently sent a few pieces from Shein, as well as purchasing a few bits myself. They've almost an infamous reputation on Youtube (including a really crushing review from Anna, one of my favourite body positive youtubers) so I was really intrigued to see for myself, exactly how bad (or not) they are!

I've got to say..

I've been really impressed with the bits I've tried! This striped dress far exceeds my expectations (a size 0XL was plenty roomy for me, a UK size 14ish, US 12). It's 100% cotton for a start, a lovely, easy summer shape and even the construction (seams, stitching and zips) are sound. And it's almost criminally inexpensive (especially if you use my code 'barelytherebeauty13' for 13% off your order :)

T H E   B A G

I suppose a good thing that arises out an item becoming 'trendy' (that word always throws up connotations of 90's pop groups like B*witched, stores like Tammy and The Bubblegum Club), is that it becomes available everywhere, at all prices.

Case in point, the straw bag. Procurable in every size, shape, style and price you might imagine wanting.

Whilst I invested more into my straw tote (and don't regret doing so), this plain, unadorned half-moon bag was so much more of a steal!

T H E   A C C E S S O R I E S

Highstreet accessories are the perfect way to add detail to your look, especially for fleeting trends and fast-fashion pieces you know will be sitting layers deep in the back of your wardrobe by next year.

Whilst an inexpensive belt may not be leather, you really can pick them up cheaply. Places like New Look, Topshop and Accessorize forever have an offer or a sale you can use - the one I'm wearing cost me about £2 in the end.

And not that I'd recommend them for sun protection (although some are polarised now), H&M sunglasses are pretty great. They do classic styles as well this season's trend pieces and I've found their best range by far is online.

T H E   S H O E S

I've cheated here because the Birkenstock Arizona's are £50+ on their own, however there are so many dupes out there, from Tesco's to Office, you can easily pick up something more affordable.

Although I doubt they'll be as comfortable ;)

I find that Next do great, affordable shoes, M&S if you're after comfort, J.Crew Factory for classic styles at a bargain price and La Redoute for the multitude of offers they run!